"Standing on the Edge" (Frontiers Music SRL; 2021)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Robin McAuley was the lead vocalist for the McAuley Schenker Group for three full studio albums, the lead vocalist for Survivor for five years and appears on a host of other recordings. If you know those bands or other works, you know what McAuley is delivering on this, his first solo album in over twenty years.

"Standing on the Edge" is 11 tracks of mostly mid-paced classic hard rock tunes, the kind you wouldn't be surprised to hear on a classic rock radio station. They've got catchy, crunchy guitar, fiery solos and McAuley's still-strong vocal styles.

A few songs slow the pace, including "Late December" and the most ballad-like track being "Run Away." These are your typical, slower, radio-friendly rock songs and, as usual, aren't my favorite songs on the album. Interestingly, my favorite two songs are the album's last two: "Like A Ghost" with its Deep Purple-like keyboards, and the fast-out-of-the-gate closer "Running Out of Time." "Like a Ghost" is one of those big, epic numbers that beg you to turn the volume up and "Running Out of Time" is one of the fastest-paced tracks on the CD, and closes the proceedings with a bold rocker that makes you yearn for more.

As mentioned above, if you know McAuley's work or are a fan of classic hard rock in the Deep Purple or Scorpions vein, you'll no doubt enjoy "Standing on the Edge."

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