"XXX" (SMA Recordings; 2008)

Reviewed by Metal Mark

I have always a been a big fan of Cinderella (that being the band not the princess). But this band that includes Cinderella bass player Eric Brittingham and his wife (vocalist Inga) doesnít sound exactly like Eric's other band. 

"XXX" is Naked Beggars' third album and it's sort of blues-based, yet still quite a bit different, as it touches more on, say, a 1970s style of rock. Early Aerosmith and early 70s Rolling Stones come to mind briefly yet this band is carving its own niche as well. 

There is a definite groove here that relies largely on a subtle yet smooth approach that really allows the listener to soak everything in. Itís very much the opposite of bands who feel they get in your face from the get go because I think Naked Beggars are confident enough in their ability to carry a solid song for the entire duration of the track. 

Sometimes, they slip into the hard rock style but this is certainly just as much a regular rock album with a dash of Southern rock sprinkled in. The production is slightly raw as well and that approach tends to bring out the strengths of this release. 

I would say the hooks could have been a little sharper and more plentiful at times. A few songs give the impression that the band is gliding to the end of a song rather than trying to make the most of the moment. 

Still "XXX" is a satisfying release that benefits from being different than most of the hard rock that is coming out these days.

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