"Sounds Like Swiss..." (Beyond Before; 2021)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

"Sounds Like Swiss..." is a two-disc collection of recently "unearthed" live performances by the band, Nektar, who—if you do a Google search—was once a fairly popular and very influential progressive rock band. But, if you listen to the music captured hereon, you don't need to bother with the Google search. The music on this CD tells its own story.

Recorded way back in 1973 (yep, that's almost fifty years), the recording does have its limitations. The music is clear enough but the old live performance and recording equipment don't live up to today's digital purity. But you know what? You probably don't want it to. The progressive music here is dated as well (think more psychedelic early Deep Purple, maybe some really early Hawkwind, Rick Wakeman and the like). It's lots of keyboards, easy and eerie vocals, and a lot of spacey music and sounds designed to expand your mind.

I can't honestly say I recommend this to most Rough Edge readers because the sound (both in quality and in style) is so old. But there are some terrific performances here and, for historical purposes, it's certainly worth a listen. Now that I've said that, keep in mind this is my first time listening to this band and I was never very familiar with them so I may be completely and utterly wrong about that.

Fascinating and entertaining in its own right, "Sounds Like Swiss..." held my attention through at least three listens (so far). And I think any fan of progressive rock'n'roll (not progressive metal) will find this album very interesting indeed.

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