"My E.P." (Honest Don's; 2001)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Nerf Herder fall under the nerdcore category of pop punk which is to say that they come perilously close to spongerock. However, the energy level on this ten track CD and the fact that the band's lyrics are actually funny give Nerf Herder an edge over their competition.

"My E.P." runs a total of about 23 minutes and beings with a song called "Hotel California." No, it's not a cover of the classic Eagles tune but a song about a vegetarian working the fry vat at Burger King. Kinda sets the stage for the rest of the CD. "High School" offers advice to the band's fans who are probably just about that age themselves while "The Sportsman Bar" pays tribute to a beloved dive. "I've Got a Boner for Xmas" needs no further explanation.

This version of "My E.P." also features three (or four) bonus tracks: "Fight For Your Right to Masturbate," "I Want to Take You Out for Ice Cream" a love song, "Nikki Webster," and a hidden track, a chaotic version of "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town." (I don't know whether the hidden track was also hidden on the original version). The bonus tracks are about one rung down from the other material which, as bonus tracks, is just fine.

Overall, an energetic recording that will at least make you smile, "My E.P." is pop punk that won't make you roll your eyes in boredom or disgust.

Also included is a video for "The Sportsman Bar."

Nerf Herder: Parry Gripp - singing, guitar; Steve Sherlock - drums; Dave Ehrlich - guitar; Justin Fisher - bass; Pete Newbury - bass.

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