"It's Alive!" (Eleven/Seven; 2006)

Reviewed by Snidermann

When I heard that The Cars were reuniting, I was jazzed. Then I heard that Rik Ocasek was not going to be involved and I couldn't believe they would even try a reunion without him! Then, on the next beat, I heard that Todd Rundgren was going to be joining theb and. Now that had possibilities! 

So when I finally got my hands on the CD, I discovered that Rundgren fit right in with the band. I was also reminded that The Cars had a lot of big hits and I found myself singing right along, just like in the 80s. 

What's disappointing about this release, however, is that most of the tracks here are live recordings of Cars classics. Only a few are original and they pretty much fit the classic Cars sound. Overall, however, I found myself yearning for the droning vocals of Rik Ocasek throughout the CD. Todd Rundgren does a very good job fronting this band but, without Ocasek at the helm, The New Cars is missing a vital component. 

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