"Twin Cinema" (Matador; 2005)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

My first listen to The New Pornographers was less than palatable. The music was good but I thought I would never hear them again. Alas, TNP have graced my presence yet again. This disc is a few years later (two to be exact) and they still have that Indie sound but they've added a few more people to the line up and now they are considered a supergroup -- just check out the list of people who played on this disc.

The music is a little more upbeat and, even though they lean toward a more Indie tone, it's still good. I require my amp turned up a lot more but I know what sound they are going for so I respect it. The first half of the CD is more poppy but the last half starts to slow down with Neko Case crooning on a few tracks. You can still hear The Beatles and often times Cheap Trick, The New Pornographers have a quirky style of rock.

I wouldn't mind saying this will be my last review of a New Pornographers disc but you never know.

The New Pornographers: A.C. Newman vocals, guitar, ebow, synthesizer, harmonica, pump organ, xylophone; John Collins bass, guitar, synthesizer, ebow, vocals; Kurt Dahle drums, percussion, vocals; Dan Bejar vocals, guitar, synthesizer, melodeon; Neko Case vocals; Blaine Thurier synthesizer; Todd Fancey guitar; Kathryn Calder vocals, piano; Nora O'Connor vocals; Dave Carswell slide guitar, vocals; Shaun Brodie trumpet; Todd MacDonald mandolin; Tyr Jami cello.

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"Mass Romantic" (Matador; 2003)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

On "Mass Romantic," Vancouver's The New Pornographers combine an Indie rock and underground sound. Any easily excited teenager might purchase The New Pornographers disc with hopes of something else. Hopefully, they kept the receipt. The music is tight but the flavor is lost after a few songs. The guitar is jangly and it changes moods more than necessary. 

You can hear The Beatles, David Bowie and T. Rex on particular cuts and, while it's not bad to sound like those artists, TNP just makes noise.  Vocalist Neko Case is a country crooner and has a lot of different voices on this disc. She is sometimes the only thing that makes a song interesting.  

The New Pornographers: Blaine Thurier, Carl Newman, Dan Bejar, John Collins, Kurt Dahle and Neko Case.

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Self explanatory. Just the sight of the cover makes you wanna hurl.

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