"Metal" EP (Chophouse Records; 2013)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Newsted is Jason Newsted, of course, who use to be with Metallica. He also slapped bass for Flotsam and Jetsam, too, so the guy's got great street cred. This is a four song EP of some grooving heavy metal and when you realize that Jason is singing you might ask yourself, why didn't he ever front a song for Metallica? Well, I'm sure that will be answered in his eventually-to-be-released tell all book.

The music on this EP is great. It's got a heavy metal sound and you might think that since Jason is the key name on the marquee that his bass would be the main instrument. You'd be wrong; all instruments work together to make this a great step to the full length disc "Heavy Metal Music."

Jason's voice sounds like Lemmy on a few songs. He's got that raspy voice but he also has a smoother voice when he wants to sound melodic. Overall, "Metal" is a fresh sound and a great way for listeners to hear Jason front a band.

Newsted: Jason Newsted - lead vocals, bass, guitars; Jesus Mendez Jr. - drums, percussion; Jessie Farnsworth - bass, guitar, backing vocals.

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