"Towards the Twilight" (Nuclear Blast; 1997)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Although hailing from Germany, Night In Gales are often lumped in with the bands coming out of Sweden's Gothenburg scene. While it is true that Night In Gales easily invite comparisons to In Flames or Soilwork it is unfair to haphazardly let those comparisons stick. 

"Towards The Twilight" is Night In Gales' 1997 debut. "Towards The Twilight" is a decent disc that expands upon the melodic death metal sound with a touch of black metal influences especially in the vocals and lyrics. I also hear a brand of melodic death metal similar to the Gothenburg scene yet has more of an English rapid-fire metal approach that gallops more than glides. In addition, the music is jagged more so than their counterparts in the melodic death metal scene. 

The lyrics are quite good for melodic death metal whereas the vocals themselves are a bit average.  Good tracks include: the very In Flames-like "Tragedians," the mournful "From Ebony Skies," and the expansive "Avoid Secret Vanity." However, a few of the tracks seem a bit rushed and so adrenaline-soaked that the melodic elements seem to be lost in a sea of notes. 

"Towards The Twilight" was produced by Wolfgang Stach (Sinister, Guano Apes). 

Night In Gales is Bjorn Goobes on vocals, Frank and Jens Basten on guitars, Tobias Bruchman on bass, and Christian Bab on drums.  

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