"Live: One Night Only" (VNS Records / Image Entertainment)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

The problem with this live solo album from Vince Neil is, predictably, the same problem that affects live Vince Neil performances: Neil is getting lazy live. His voice sounds fine, although a bit weathered, but Neil often mumbles the lyrics or deletes them completely. And often he focuses too much on the audience singing the lyrics instead of himself, leaving gaps and/or breaking the melody to the point that, sometimes, even the listener gets lost.

I realize that an important part of any live show is to get the audience involved, but mumbling lyrics like this is just plain sloppy - especially when the songs you're performing are so well known to the listener that any abnormality is blatantly apparent.

Still, "Live" isn't a total loss. As mentioned above, Neil sounds pretty good and the band he's gathered plays the old Motley Crue stuff well (and most of the songs are Crue songs - only one comes from Neil's solo albums). And, frankly, you can live with the sloppy vocal performance, especially since Neil's a little better here than he was recently at the Universal Amphitheater or the Ventura Theatre. But still, it'd be nice if he'd put a little more effort into his vocals, especially since he's one of the more recognizable voices in hard rock / heavy metal.

Performing on "Live: One Night Only" are: Vince Neil - vocals, guitars; Brent Woods - guitars, vocals; James Hunting - bass, vocals; Brent Fitz - drums, keys.

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