O.A.R. "All Sides" (Everfine)

O.A.R. "Live from Madison Square Garden" (Atlantic)

  OBITUARY "Anthology" (Roadrunner)

 OBITUARY "Dying of Everything" (Relapse)

OBITUARY "Frozen in Time" (Roadrunner)

OBLIVION "Remixed" (Self-released)

OBSCURA "Omnivium" (Relapse)

OBSESSED "Incarnate" (Southern Lord)

OBNOXIOUS GAS "Obnoxious Gas" (Self-released)

THE OCEAN "Aeolian" (Metal Blade)

THE OCEAN "Anthropocentric" (Metal Blade)

THE OCEAN "Heliocentric" (Metal Blade)

THE OCEAN "Precambrian" (Metal Blade)

OCEANO "Depths" (Earache)

OCEANS OF NIGHT "The Shadowheart Mirror" (Ambient)

OCCULT "Elegy For the Weak" (Candlelight USA / Karmageddon)

OCTOBER 31 "The Fire Awaits You" (R.I.P. Records)

OCTOBER 31 "Meet Thy Maker" (R.I.P. Records)

OCTOBER 31 "Visions of the End" (R.I.P. Records)

OCTOBER FILE "Our Souls to You" (Candlelight)

OCTOBER THORNS "October Thorns" (demo)

O.D.M. "Ensuing Din" (Self-produced)

ODD ZERO "Odd Zero" (self-released)

OFFICER ROSELAND "Stimulus Package" (Self-released)

OF GRAVES AND GODS "Slit Throat Andromeda" (Candlelight)

OF INFINITY "The Essence of Infinity" (Self-produced)

THE OFFSPRING "Conspiracy of One" (Columbia)

THE OFFSPRING "Greatest Hits" (Columbia)

THE OFFSPRING "Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace" (Columbia)

OHGR "Sunnypsyop" (Spitfire)

OHGR "Welt" (Spitfire)

OHM: "Amino Acid Flashback" (Blacknote Records)

OHM: "Live On KPFK 90.7 FM" (Lion Music)

OHM: "OHM:" (Lion Music)

OLD MAN'S CHILD "Revelation 666" (Century Media)

OLEANDER "February Son" (Universal)

EVAN OLSON "One Room" (Cherry/Universal Records)

OMEN "Eternal Black Dawn" (Crash)

OMNIBUS CHAMBER WINDS "Music By Frank Zappa" (Opus 3)

ON BROKEN WINGS "Some of Us May Never See the World" (Eulogy)

ONE BAD SON "Orange City" (Versailles)

ONE DEAD THREE WOUNDED "Paint the Town" (1X1 Music)

ONESIDEZERO "Is This Room Getting Smaller?" (Maverick)

ONE WAY RIDE "Straight Up!" (MCA)

ONLY LIVING WITNESS "Prone Mortal Form" (Century Media)

ONSLAUGHT "Generation Antichrist" (AFM Records)

ONSLAUGHT "Killing Peace" (Candlelight)

ON THE RISE "Burning Inside" (Bridge Nine)

OPAL CANDY "Opal Candy" (Self-produced)

OPENIGHTMARE "Pinks of the Vintage" (Vegas Records)

OPENIGHTMARE "Sliced by a Turbomachine" (Vegas Records)

OPETH "Blackwater Park" (Koch Records)

OPETH "Damnation" (Koch Records / Music For Nations)

OPETH "Deliverance" (Koch Records / Music For Nations)

OPETH "Ghost Reveries" (Roadrunner Records)

OPETH "My Arms, Your Hearse" (Century Media/Century Black/Candlelight Records)

OPETH "Sorceress" (Nuclear Blast)

OPETH "Still Life" (Peaceville)

OPETH "Watershed" (Roadrunner)

OPIATE FOR THE MASSES "Goodbye" (Concrete)

OPIATE FOR THE MASSES "Manifesto" (Century Media)

OPIATE FOR THE MASSES "The Spore" (American Voodoo)

OPM "California Poppy" (Suburban Noize)

OPPOSITION PARTY "Zombified" (Pulverised Records)

OPPROBRIUM "Discerning Forces" (Nuclear Blast)

ORANGE GOBLIN "A Eulogy for the Damned" (Candlelight)

ORATORY "Last Prophecy" (Recital Records)

ORCUS "The Forgotten Prayer" (Demo)

ORDER OF ENNEAD "Order of Ennead" (Earache)

ORDER OF NINE "Of Once and Future Kings" (Nightmare Records)

ORDER OF NINE "Season of Reign" (Nightmare Records)

THE ORDER OF THE FLY "World Gone Mad" (Mad Science)

ORDO TYRANNIS "Vasa Iniquitatis" (Flood the Earth)

ORGAN "Install the Underground" (Self-produced)

ORGAN "Volume of Hate" (Meltdown)

ORIGIN "Origin" (Relapse)

ORGY "Punk Static Paranoia" (D1)

ORGY "Vapor Transmission" (Reprise)

ORIANTHI "Believe" (Geffen)

ORIANTHI "Heaven in this Hell" (Robo Records)

ORIANTHI "O" (Frontiers Music SRL)

ORIANTHI "Rock Candy" (Frontiers Music SRL)

ORIENT EXPRESS "Illusion" (My Kingdom)

ORION "The Sound and the Fury" (Hotfoot Records)

ORPHANED LAND "Mabool: The Story of the Three Sons of Seven" (Century Media)

ORPHANAGE "Inside" (Nuclear Blast)

THE ORPHAN PROJECT "Spooning Out the Sea" (NePlusUltra Music)

O.S.I. "Free" (InsideOut)

OZZY OSBOURNE "Bark at the Moon" (Epic)

OZZY OSBOURNE "Black Rain" (Epic)

OZZY OSBOURNE "Blizzard of Ozz" (Epic)

OZZY OSBOURNE "Diary of a Madman" (Epic)

OZZY OSBOURNE "Down to Earth" (Epic)

OZZY OSBOURNE "Live at Budokan" (Epic)

OZZY OSBOURNE "No Rest for the Wicked" (Epic)

OZZY OSBOURNE "Ordinary Man" (Epic)

OZZY OSBOURNE "The Ozzman Cometh" (Epic)

OZZY OSBOURNE "Ozzmosis" (Epic)

OZZY OSBOURNE "Patient No. 9" (Epic)

OZZY OSBOURNE "Scream" (Epic)

OZZY OSBOURNE "Speak of the Devil" (Epic)

OZZY OSBOURNE "The Ultimate Sin" (Epic)

OSMIUM "From the Ashes" (Dirthead Records)

OSYRUS "Osyrus" (Latticesphere Records)

OTEP "Generation Doom" (Napalm Records)

OTEP "Kult 45" (Napalm Records)

OTEP "Hydra" (Victory)

OTEP "Sevas Tra" (Capitol)

OTEP "Smash the Control Machine" (Victory)

OTHERWISE "Peace at All Costs" (Century Media)

OUTCAST VS. MOKER "Outcast Vs. Moker" (Shiver Records)

OUTGUNNED "Volume I: Answering the Ceaseless Need" (Meant to Be Broken Records)

OVERCAST "Reborn to Kill Again" (Metal Blade)

OVER IT "Silverstrand" (Lobster Records)

OVERKILL "Bloodletting" (CMC International)

OVERKILL "Coverkill" (CMC International)

OVERKILL "Necroshine" (CMC International)

OVERKILL "RelixIV" (Spitfire)

OVERKILL "Wrecking Everything - Live" (Spitfire)

OVERKILL "The Years of Deacy" (Megaforce / Atlantic)

OVERLORDE "Demo 2000" (Self-produced)

OVERLORDE "Return of the Snow Giant" (Sonic Age)

OXYGEN DESTROYER "Sinister Monstrosities Spawned by the Unfathomable Ignorance of Humankind" (Redfining Darkness Records)


OXES "Oxxxes" (Monitor)

OZRIC TENTACLES "Sunrise Festival" (Snapper)

OZRIC TENTACLES "The Yumyum Tree" (Snapper)

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