PACEMAKER JANE "American Crumbs" (Lovemuffin Records)

PACTO DE SANGRE "Alerta" (Kaomaster Productions)

PAGAN'S MIND "Enigmatic Calling" (LMP)

EVAN PAGE "Evan Page" (Beach Bitch Music)

PAIN "Cynic Paradise" (Nuclear Blast)

PAIN LINK "The Burden of Sin" (Peace or Die Records)

PAIN OF SALVATION "Entropia" (InsideOut Music America)

PAIN OF SALVATION "One Hour by the Concrete Lake" (InsideOut Music America)

PAIN OF SALVATION "The Perfect Element - 1" (Century Media/InsideOut Music America)

PAIN OF SALVATION "Remedy Lane" (InsideOut Music America)

PAINTED DOLL "How to Draw Fire" (Tee Pee Records)

PAIN TOLERANCE "A Momentary Act of Disclosure" (Self-produced)

PALACE "Rock and Roll Radio" (Frontiers SRL)

PALLAS "The Cross & The Crucible" (InsideOut Music America)

PALLBEARER "Sorrow and Extinction" (Profound Lore)

PANDEMIA "Riven" (Metal Age)

PANDEMIA "Spreading the Message" (Lost Disciple)

PANDEMIC "Angry Sky" (dbAggressive)

PANIC CELL "What Doesn't Kill Us" (Renaissance)

PANIK "A Page Torn" (Shrunken Head)

PANTERA "Cowboys From Hell" (WEA/Atlantic)

PANTERA "Far Beyond Driven" (WEA/Atlantic)

PANTERA "Great Southern Trendkill" (WEA/Elektra)

PANTERA "Official Live" (WEA/Elektra)

PANTERA "Reinventing the Steel" (WEA/Elektra)

PANTERA "Vulgar Display of Power" (WEA/Atlantic)

PANTHEIST "O Solitude" (Firebox Records)

PANZERBASTARD "God, Thugs and Madmen" (Patack Records)

PANZER PRINCESS "Panzer Princess" (Self-produced)

PAPA ROACH "Getting Away With Murder" (Geffen)

PAPA ROACH "Infest" (Dreamworks)

PAPA ROACH "Lovehatetragedy" (Dreamworks)

PAPA ROACH "The Paramour Sessions" (Geffen)

PAPSMEAR "Music to Kill By" (Metal War)

PARADISE LOST "Draconian Times" (Music for Nations)

PARADISE LOST "Reflections" (Mayhem)

PARADISE LOST "Tragic Illusion 25" (Century Media)

PARAMORE "Brand New Eyes" (Fueled by Ramen)

PARAMORE "Riot!" (Fueled by Ramen)

THE PARANOID CRITICAL REVOLUTION "Euphobia" (Systems Neutralizers)

PARIS TEXAS "Like You Like an Arsonist" (New Line)

PARRAMON "Dead People" (Rockline)

PARRICIDE "Ill Treat" (World War III)

IAN PARRY'S CONSORTIUM PROJECT "Ian Parry's Consortium Project" (Inside Out Music America)

ALAN PARSONS "The Secret" (Frontiers)

PASSENGER "Passenger" (Century Media)

PATH "Demo 2002" (Self-produced)

PATH OF RESISTANCE "Can't Stop the Truth" (Victory)

THE PAUL NELSON BAND "BadAss Generation" (Walk the Dog Music/Friday Music)

HENNING PAULY "Credit Where Credit Is Due" (Progrock)

THE PB ARMY "Inebriates, Equivocators and Mockers of the Devil Himself" (Sin Klub)

THE PB ARMY "Spine for the Snapback" (Sin Klub)

PEACH "Giving Birth to a Stone" (Vile Beat)

STEPHEN PEARCY "Before and Laughter" (Triple X Records)

JIZZY PEARL "Crucified!" (Self-released)

JIZZY PEARL "Vegas Must Die!" (Shrapnel)

PEARL JAM "Riot Act" (Epic)

PEARL JAM "Yield" (Epic)



AXEL RUDI PELL "Diamonds II" (Steamhammer)

PENANCE "Parallel Corners" (Century Media/Magic Arts)

PENNY BLACK "Penny Black" (Cardoozle Music)

PENNYWISE "From the Ashes" (Epitaph)

PENNYWISE "Live @ the Key Club" (Epitaph)

PENNYWISE "Straight Ahead" (Epitaph)

PENTACLE "Under the Black Cross" (Ibex Moon)

PENTAGRAM "Last Days Here" (MPI Media Group)

PENTAMENTAL "Harm and Harmony" (Subternal)

PERCY HOWARD'S MERIDIEM "A Pleasant Fiction" (A Necessary Angel / Percy Howard)

PERE UBU "Long Live Pere Ubu" (Smog Veil)

PERIPHERY "Juggernaut: Alpha" (Sumerian)

PERIPHERY "Juggernaut: Omega" (Sumerian)

PERIPHERY "Periphery II: This Time It's Personal" (Sumerian)

JOE PERRY "Have Guitar Will Travel" (Roman)

JOE PERRY "Joe Perry" (Columbia)

JOE PERRY "Rocks: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith" Book (Simon & Schuster)

PERSEPHONE'S DREAM "Moonspell" (Self-produced)

PERSEPHONE'S DREAM "Opposition" (Self-produced)

PERSEPHONE'S DREAM "Pyre of Dreams" (Self-produced)

PERSONA NON GRATA "Shade in the Light" (Sensory)

PERSUADER "Evolution Purgatory" (Sanctuary / Noise)

PESTILENCE "Malleus Maleficarum" (Metal Mind)

PETE. "Pete." (Warner Bros.)

BRENT A. PETRIE "The Void" (Monolithic Records)

ARMANDO PETRINI "Good Mood" (Self-produced)

JOHN PETRUCCI "Suspended Animation" (Sound Mind Music)

MAXINE PETRUCCI "Don't Hate Me" (Angelina)

TOM PETTY "Wildflowers" (143/Warner Records)

RANDY PEVLER "Chrome" (Leg Burn Licks)

PHARAOH "After the Fire" (Cruz Del Sur)

PHARAOH "Be Gone" (Cruz Del Sur)

PHARAOH "The Longest Night" (Cruz Del Sur)

PHATHOM "Phathom" (Hardline)

PHAVIAN "Meridian 1" (Independent)

PHAZER "Revelations" (Self-produced)

PHAZM "Antebellum Death N'Roll" (The End)

PHILADELPHIA "Search and Destroy" (Magdalene Records)

PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS "Kings of the Asylum" (Nuclear Blast America)

PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS "Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons" (Motorhead Music)

PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS "We're the Bastards" (Nuclear Blast America)

PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS "Walk Through Exits Only" (Housecore Records)

PHLEGETHON ANIMAE "Chaos From Abyss Within" (Self-produced)

PHOENIX "Dying to Find Myself" (MIC Productions)

PHOENIX DOWN "Under a Wild Sky" (Frontiers/Now & Then)

PICKET LINE "Chapter: End" (Self-produced)

DAVID PICKSTOCK "Bury the Jury" (Self-released)

PIG DESTROYER "Phantom Limb" (Relapse)

PIG DESTROYER "Prowler In the Yard" (Relapse)

THE PILGRIM "...From the Earth to the Sky and Back" (Heavy Psych Sounds)

PILLAR "Confessions" (Essential Records)

PILLAR "Fireproof" (MCA / Flicker Records)

PILLAR "For the Love of the Game" (Essential Records)

PILLAR "The Reckoning" (Flicker Records)

PILLAR "Where Do We Go From Here" (Flicker Records)

PIMP DADDY LONGSTOCKIN' "Outlet" (Smash Attitude)

THE PINEAPPLE THIEF "3000 Days" (K-Scope)

THE PINEAPPLE THIEF "Tightly Unwound" (K-Scope)

PINK FLOYD "Dark Side of the Moon" (Columbia)

PINK FLOYD "Echoes" (Capitol)

PINK FLOYD "Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980-1981" (Columbia)

PINK FLOYD "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (40th Anniversary Edition)" (EMI)

THE PINK SPIDERS "Teenage Graffiti" (Geffen)

DUG PINNICK "Emotional Animal" (Magna Carta)

PISSING RAZORS "Cast Down the Plague" (Noise)

PISSING RAZORS "Evolution" (Spitfire)

PISSING RAZORS "Live in the Devil's Triangle" (Spitfire)

PITCHSHIFTER "Deviant" (MCA Records)

MONTE PITTMAN "The Power of Three' (Metal Blade)

PLACEBO "I'm Nothing Without You" (Virgin)

PLACE OF SKULLS "With Vision" (Southern Lord)

PLANET 13 "Third from the Right" (Red Shoe)

PLANET OF 9 "Alienation" (Planet of 9)

PLANET X "Live From Oz" (InsideOut)

PLANET X "MoonBabies" (InsideOut)

PLANET X "Quantum" (SPV / InsideOut)

ROBERT PLANT "The Principle of Moments" (Es Paranza)

PLASTILINOVY JINN "We Are" (Self-released)

PLATEHEAD "Not Without My Mind" (Impure Records)

PLATYPUS "Ice Cycles" (Inside-Out Music)

PLATYPUS "When Pus Comes to Shove" (Velvel Records)

PLAY CENTER 'Tragic and Misunderstood" (Alien Fifth Dimension Records)

PLAYERS CLUB "Coextinction" (Arclight)

PLEASURE MAKER "Twisted Desire" (Perris)

P.O.D. "The Fundamental Elements of Southtown" (Atlantic)

P.O.D. "Satellite" (Atlantic)

POETS AND PORNSTARS "Poets and Pornstars" (Adrenaline)

POINT 1 "Unlucky Stars" (Adrenaline)

POISON "Crack a Smile ... And More" (Capitol)

POISON "Flesh & Blood" (Capitol)

POISON "Look What the Cat Dragged In" (Capitol)

POISON "Native Tongue" (Capitol)

POISON "Open Up and Say ... Ahh!" (Capitol)

POISON "Poison'd" (Capitol)

POISON "Seven Days Live" (Armoury)

POISON THE WELL "You Come Before You" (Atlantic)

CHRIS POLAND "Chasing the Sun" (Grooveyard Records)

CHRIS POLAND "Return to Metalopolis" (Fuel 2000)

POLKADOT CADAVER "Purgatory Dance Party" (Rotten Records)


POMEGRANATE TIGER "Entities" (Self-released)

PONG "Bubble City" (Realistic Records)

POPPY & THE USUAL SUSPECTS "Celestial Love Jones" (PopnMad)

POPULATION REDUCTION "Each Birth a New Disaster" (Tankcrimes)

PORCUPINE TREE "Deadwing" (Lava / Atlantic)

PORCUPINE TREE "In Absentia" (Lava / Atlantic)

PORCUPINE TREE "Lightbulb Sun" (Snapper / K Score)

PORCUPINE TREE "Recordings" (Snapper / K Score)

PORCUPINE TREE "Signify" (Delerium/Ark 21)

PORCUPINE TREE "Stars Die" (Snapper / K Scope / Delerium)

PORCUPINE TREE "Stupid Dream" (Snapper / K Score)

PORCUPINE TREE "We Lost the Skyline" (Transmission)

PORCUPINE TREE "Fear of a Black Planet" (Atlantic)

THE PORRIDGEFACE "Canon of Ugliness" (Killers By Trade)

PORTABLE "Portable" (TVT Records)

PORTIKUS "Virtual World" (Self-produced)

THE PORTION "Little Pieces of Thoughts" (Portion Studios)

THE POSTMAN SYNDROME "Terraforming" (Now or Never Records)

POUNDHOUND "Pineappleskunk" (Metal Blade)

POWDERBURN "Echoed in Red" (Satan's Little Helper)

POWDERBURN "A New Sin" (Self-produced)

ROGER POWELL "Fossil Poets" (Inner Knot)

POWER SYMPHONY "Lightbringer" (Pavement)

POWERWOLVES "You Won't Find Peace" (Panic)

POWND "Circle of Power" (Nightmare)

POWERMAN 5000 "Anyone for Doomsday?" (Megatronic)

POWERMAN 5000 "Builders of the Future" (Universal)

POWERMAN 5000 "Copies, Clones and Replicants" (Cleopatra Records)

POWERMAN 5000 "Destroy What You Enjoy" (DRT)

POWERMAN 5000 "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Vol. 1" (Megatronic)

POWERMAN 5000 "New Wave" (Pavement Records)

POWERMAN 5000 "The Noble Rot" (Cleopatra Records)

POWERMAN 5000 "Tonight the Stars Revolt!" (Dreamworks)

POWERMAN 5000 "Somewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere" (Mighty Loud)

POWERMAN 5000 "True Force" (Center of the Earth)

POWERMAN 5000 "Transform" (Dreamworks)

PPR "Diarrhea" (TV Guy Records)

PRAXIS "Metatron" (Subharmonic)

PRAYER FOR CLEANSING "The Rain in Endless Fall" (Tribunal)

PRAYING MANTIS "Nowhere to Hide" (Now & Then/Frontiers)

PREMONITIONS OF WAR "Left in Kowloon" (Victory)

PRESSURE 4-5 "Antechnology" (Self-produced)

PRESSURE 4-5 "Burning the Process" (Dreamworks)

PRESTO BALLET "Peace Among the Ruins" (SPV)

PRETENDERS "Pretenders" (Real Records)

PRETTY MAIDS "Future World" (CBS)

PRETTY MAIDS "Maid in Japan: Future World 30th Anniversary" (Frontiers)

PRETTY MAIDS "Louder Than Ever" (Frontiers)

THE PRETTY RECKLESS "Death by Rock and Roll" (Fearless Records)

THE PRETTY RECKLESS "Going to Hell" (Razor & Tie)

THE PRETTY RECKLESS "Light Me Up" (DAS Label/Interscope Records)

THE PRETTY RECKLESS "Other Worlds" (Fearless Records)

THE PRETTY RECKLESS "Who You Selling For" (Razor & Tie)

PRETTY SUICIDE "Suicide Shot" (Self-produced)

PREY ON THE FALLEN "Prey on the Fallen" (Self-produced)

PRIDE OF LIONS "Lion Heart" (Frontiers Music SRL)

PRIESTESS "Hello Master" (RCA)

PRIMAL FEAR "Jaws of Death" (Nuclear Blast)

PRIMAL FEAR "Nuclear Fire" (Nuclear Blast)

PRIMER 55 "Introduction to Mayhem" (Island/Def Jam)

PRIMER 55 "Primer 55" (Propellant Transmissions)

PRIME TIME "Free the Dream" (Frontiers/Now & Then)

PRIMUS "Antipop" (Interscope)

PRIMUS "The Brown Album" (Interscope)

PRIMUS "Frizzle Fry" (Prawn Song)

PRIMUS "Green Naugahyde" (Prawn Song)

PRIMUS "Primus & The Chocolate Facotry" (ATO Records)

PRIMUS "Tales From the Punchbowl" (Interscope)

PRIZE COUNTRY "Lottery of Recognition" (Exigent)

PROBOT "Probot" (Southern Lord)

PRODUCT OF YOU "Foundation" (Self-produced)

PROFESSIONAL MURDER MUSIC "Professional Murder Music" (Geffen)

PROGRAM OF THE DEAD "Ginger" (Self-produced)

PROJECT 86 "...And the Rest Will Follow" (Tooth & Nail)

PROJECT 86 "Knives to the Future" (Team Black Recordings)

PROJECT 86 "Truthless Heroes" (Tooth & Nail)

PROJECT CREATION "Floating World" (Progrock)

PROJECT: FAILING FLESH "A Beautiful Sickness" (Self-produced)

THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX "Hate, Dominate, Congregate, Eliminate" (Candlelight USA/Threeman)

PROJECT MARS "Don't Hold Back" (Self-released)

PROJECT STEIGER "Defiance" (Steiger Productions)

PRONG "Carved Into Stone" (SPV)

PRONG "Power of the Damn Mixxxer" (13th Planet)

PRO-PAIN "Absolute Power" (Regain)

PRO-PAIN "Age of Tyranny" (Candlelight)

PRO-PAIN "Fistful of Hate" (Candlelight)

PRO-PAIN "No End in Sight" (Regain)

PRO-PAIN "Run For Cover" (Spitfire)

PRO-PAIN "Shreds of Dignity" (Spitfire)

PROSEVERE "Burn the City" (Self-released)

PROTEIN "Songs About Cowgirls" (Sony)

PROTESTANT "Reclamation" (Halo of Flies)

PROTEST THE HERO "Kezia" (Vagrant)

PROTOTYPE "Continuum" (Nightmare)

PROWLER INC. "Pay the Fiddler" (Man in Black Music)

PSI "Virus" (Stoneage Survivors Entertainment)

PSYCHOCYBIN "Summer '06 Demo" (Self-produced)

PSYCHOSTICK "The Flesh Eating Rollerskate Holiday Joyride" (Rock Ridge)

PSYCHOSTICK "Sandwich" (Rock Ridge)

PSYCHOSTICK "We Couldn't Think of a Title" (Rock Ridge)

PSYCHO SYMPHONY "Schizoid" (Self-released)

PSYCHO SYMPHONY "Silent Fall" (Self-released)

PSYCHOTIC GARDENING "Hymnosis" (Self-produced)

PSYGNOSIS "Human Be[ing]" (Self-produced)

THE PSYKE PROJECT "Apnea" (Lifeforce)

THE PSYKE PROJECT "Dead Storm" (Lifeforce)

PSYOPUS "Ideas of Reference" (Black Market Activities)

PUDDLE OF MUDD "Come Clean" (Flawless/Geffen)

PUDDLE OF MUDD "Famous" (Geffen)

PUDDLE OF MUDD "Life on Display" (Flawless/Geffen)

PULSE ULTRA "Headspace" (Atlantic)

PUMPJACK "Sampler" (Self-produced)

PUNK RAWK ELVIS "Punk Rawk Elvis" EP (Billy Chivo Records)

PUBLIK PARKING "Pavlov's Dog" (Revolution Music)

PUPIL SLICER "Mirrors" (Prosthetic Records)

PURE INC. "A New Day's Dawn" (Locomotive)

PURE RUBBISH "Pure Rubbish" (Divine / Priority)

PURE SWEET HELL "The Voyeurs of Utter Destruction as Beauty" (Crash)

PURSUIT "Quest" (Self-released)

PUSHKING "The World As We Love It" (Armoury)

PUSHMONKEY "Pushmonkey" (Arista)

PUTRID INBRED "Scavenger" (Shiver Records)

PUTREFIED "The Putrid Remains" (Sevared)

PUYA "Fundamental" (MCA Records)

PUYA "Union" (MCA Records)

PYRAMAZE "Bloodlines" (AFM Records)

PYRAMAZE "Disciples of the Sun" (Inner Wound Recordings)

PYRAMID "Validity" (Sleaszy Rider Records)

PYREXIA "Death Before Submission" (Rex Records)

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