"Suspended Animation" (Sound Mind Music; 2005)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

I've always been a fan of Dream Theater so when John Petrucci put out a solo disc I jumped at the chance to hear it. Those who know what Dream Theater sounds like will notice a similar sound from John. He's the lead guitarist so his tone and vibe are carried over to this, his first solo outing. He does have more leeway here though. "Suspended Animation" is 100% instrumental, and that gives him plenty of room to keep a melodic tone without changing too much in the time signature department.

He lays down plenty of incredible riffs and beautifully blistering solos. Two of the tracks, "Glasscow Kiss" and "Damage Control," can be heard on the G3 tour with John Petrucci. If you're a fan of John's you probably already have this disc; if you're new to John Petrucci, then, welcome.

John Petrucci guitars, production; Dave DiCenso drums (except track 3); Tony Verderosa drums (track 3), remixing; Dave LaRue bass (except track 3); Tim LeFebvre bass (track 3).

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Self explanatory. Just the sight of the cover makes you wanna hurl.

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