"Don't Hate Me" (Angelina; 2008)

Reviewed by Metal Mark

Former Madam X guitarist Maxine Petrucci handles all guitars, bass and vocals on this solo album. My favorite part of Madam X's 1984 release "We Reserve the Right," were Maxine's guitar parts. However, I never shook the feeling that the band was held back somehow. There were songs where they began to bust loose, but then everything just became very restrained and I don't think they ever pushed for their full potential.

Years later it seems that Maxine is getting a chance to open up and play the style that she really wanted to. The style here is as much metal as it is hard rock which puts it a notch past Madam X on the heaviness scale. The opener, "Arithmetac," flies on in fine fashion with a solid driving riff. This track might be the one that reminds me the most of Madam X musically. "Check Me Out" has an even stronger groove and a catchy chorus. It has more of a pop edge to the vocals, but it flows along well. "Don't Hate Me," "Razzed" and "My QT" are some of the heavier songs on the album as all rely on killer riffs flying off of Maxine's fingers.

The most surprising song on the album is "Generation Me" with it's almost punk rock approach and attitude. Still there is enough punch and fire to it that it turns out to be one of the best tracks on the disc.

Maxine's vocals are raw, but they suit the music well enough. The majority of the material is rooted in hard rock from two decades ago; however, the energy behind the songs keeps it fresh enough.

Listening to this album had me thinking that it's a bit of a shame that Maxine didn't get more of a chance back in the 80s. However, at least we are getting to hear her now, playing in full force.

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