"The Power of Three" (Metal Blade; 2014)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Monte Pittman played guitar and wrote songs for Prong, not to mention such decidedly non-metal artists as Madonna and Adam Lambert, but you'd probably never guess that when listening to "The Power of Three." Instead of Prong's industrial-charged metal, or the pop music of Madonna and Lambert, what you'll find with this engaging CD is more of a traditional metal sound, with an occasional twinge of Alice In Chains style grunge.

"The Power of Three" is a flashback to the hard rock of the late '70s and early '80s, with doses of heavier stuff thrown in here and there at exactly the right moment. It's obviously a guitar album, first and foremost, and Pittman shines here throughout, delivering powerful rhythm and fiery leads. The vocals and songwriting style remind me a lot of Ozzy of that era, with the clean, melodic vocals and clear production that marked that period's sound. (I should add the caveat "for the most part." There's some serious demonic growling going on in the final track, "All is Fair in Love and War.")

Of course, "The Power of Three" doesn't break any new ground but I don't think that was the point, nor should it be. Instead, this CD is a solid hard rock album with respectful ties to classic hard rock and heavy metal and it's refreshing in its direct approach into delivering just that.

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