"American Crumbs" (Lovemuffin; 2006)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

The good news is that Pacemaker Jane's "American Crumbs" may be one antidote to all those soundalike spongerock bands out there. Boasting a post-modern sound with a mild alternative edge, "American Crumbs" is a collection of haunting but jaunty tunes with clever lyrics that sounds a little like a cross between Reel Big Fish and Oingo Boingo. It's a new and fresh sound that's almost impossible not to listen to. "American Crumbs" draws you in from the beginning, whether it's your cup of tea or not.

Speaking of "your cup of tea," the bad news is that "American Crumbs" may not be loud enough or edgy enough for those looking for a harder / heavier sound. The CD features some interesting guitar work, but it's in the band's decidedly unique style and leans toward more toward Weezer than WASP. Still, those looking for something new and different will certainly find it with "American Crumbs."

Pacemaker Jane: Brian May - guitar, vocals; Kevin Masney - bass; Jared Levengood - guitar, vocals; Ernie Richmann - drums, percussion.

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