"Legacy of Ignorance" (Self-produced demo; 2006)

Reviewed by Metal Mark

Sweden has been churning out a great deal of bands in recent years who sound and look like the acts that dominated the Sunset Strip twenty some odd years ago. Panzer Princess certainly falls into this category on their four track demo. 

For me, glam in the 1980s sense wasnít usually a gray area because I generally either loved a glam band or I hated them. Typically I liked the bands with grooves and distinctive vocals and got nauseous listening to watered down tripe and syrupy singers. 

Anyway, I need to get off my soapbox and back to this CD. Panzer Princess is in likable camp, fortunately, as they rely on thick yet not entirely predictable grooves and spirited vocals. They donít exactly sound like any one band, but they are probably most similar to early Faster Pussycat and Star Star. 

I like the type of the glam thatís at least somewhat raw and has a spontaneous feel to it. I think this band has those qualities to an extent although itís a little difficult to determine from just a few songs. My only real complaint would be that I think they may be lacking a little intensity at times. They tend to slip into parts rather then charge and, while that may be minor, I think itís a trait that can separate a good band from a great one. 

Still, I like what I heard and hope they get signed and keep pushing on in this direction.

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