"The Paramour Sessions" (Geffen; 2006)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

There isn't a bad song on "The Paramour Sessions," the fifth CD from Papa Roach. In fact, each track is so well-written, so well-performed and so well-recorded, that you may find yourself amazed that all these songs came from one CD.

Papa Roach has come a long way from the days of "Infest," and perhaps the most impressive thing is that "Infest" was a pretty damn good CD to start out with. Although they may have grown away from the nu-metal genre they were once at the forefront of, the direction they've moved in has only been good for the band. "The Paramour Sessions" is ample evidence that Papa Roach is a band that's here to stay.

By far most of the songs on "The Paramour Sessions" are hard-rocking anthems that draw the listener irresistibly into the music like a flame draws a moth. And, not only are the musical elements tightly in place, the band's lyrics have matured demonstrably. The songs on "The Paramour Sessions" are insightful, poetic and involving. It's virtually impossible not to get caught up in this CD.

My favorite songs here are "...To Be Loved," "My Heart is a Fist," "Reckless" and the daring and soul-baring "Roses on My Grave."

With "The Paramour Sessions," Papa Roach shows more energy and creativity as a band than virtually any other out there. Here's to hoping they maintain that for many years to come.

Papa Roach: Jerry Horton - guitar, backing vocals; Tobin Esperance - guitar, bass, backing vocals; Jacoby Shaddix - lead vocals; Dave Buckner - drums, backing vocals.

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"Getting Away With Murder" (Geffen; 2004)

Reviewed by Snidermann

I must say, I did not think too highly of Papa Roach's earlier music. I found it too depressing, too dark and too gloomy. However, "Getting Away With Murder" changes all that. It still deals with dark subjects, but with this recording, I feel less like contemplating suicide while listening to it. 

This music is hard and heavy and delivers an outstanding powerhouse performance. I identified with this CD right from the start and I think I spun it about five times in a row from start to finish. I could not get enough of this CD. I listen to a lot of music while reviewing for and I can't begin to tell you how cool it is when you get a CD that you just can't stop listening to. Papa Roach's "Getting Away With Murder" is one of those CDs.

Perhaps Papa Roach has finally matured and that maturity shows here where it didn't in earlier recordings. Whatever they've done, I hope they don't change anything more because they fucking rock just like they are today. 

And don't forget to check out the cool multimedia on the CD for an up close and personal look at the band.

Papa Roach: Jerry Horton - guitar and vocals; Tobin Esperance - bass and vocals; Jacoby Shaddix - vocals; Dave Buckner - drums and vocals.

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"Lovehatetragedy" (Dreamworks; 2002)

Reviewed by Paco

The second major label release by NorCal hard rockers Papa Roach is one of the better hard rock releases of 2002. On "Lovehatetragedy," the  band moves a bit away from the rock-rap hybrid of their first CD ("Infest") to a more straight hard rock sound.

The CD has 13 tracks with a good mix of fast and slower songs, all with heavy, grungy guitar, powerful drums and strong vocals. There really isn't a bad song on the CD. You'll probably hear the single "She Loves Me Not" on the radio and it's a good example the rest of the songs. 

Papa Roach, even before their major label days, has been known for intelligent, personal lyrics and "Lovehatetragedy" is no exception. Several CDs this summer have had songs inspired by the 9/11 attacks. The title track of the CD fits into that category, and it's one of the better ones.

Papa Roach is Jacoby Shaddix (vocals), Jerry Horton (Guitars), Tobin E. (bass and guitar) and David Buckner (drums). 

There's more band info, song samples and tour dates on their web page,

"Infest" (Dreamworks; 2000)

Reviewed by Paco

Let the infestation begin! This is one Roach that you will be very happy to have around.

Papa Roach hails from Vacaville, California, a smallish blue-collar/agricultural town between San Francisco and Sacramento. Over the last ten years, the relentless reach of the Silicon Valley yuppies has started to turn the town into yet another bedroom community for dot com greed.

Songs like "Between Angels and Insects" and "Blood Brothers" deal with this power-hungry rise of greed. Other songs deal with broken homes, child abuse, suicidal depression and alcoholism. This is not a happy record, but it is a positive one. Papa Roach lets the kids (and grown-ups) going through these things know that they're not alone. 

Then there is the music, which simply kicks ass. It's hard, fast, heavy modern rock. It's great to play loud and great mosh pit music (which I know first hand from my experience at the Vans Warped Tour). There's a few turntables and samples used, but not much. This is mostly just good, solid hard rock. 

Solid lyrics and kick-ass music make "Infest" a great CD from a hard-working Northern California band. This is a CD that you should have. 

Papa Roach is: Coby Dick, Jerry Horton, Dave Buckner and Tobin Esperance. 

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