"Last Days Here" (MPI Media Group; 2011)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

This is the story of Bobby Leibling, lead singer for the pioneering doom metal band Pentagram. The story starts out with Bobby living in his parent's basement (hence the title of their fifth album, "Sub-Basement" from 2001) and goes on from there. Bobby is a a drug addict and it's sad to watch his self-destruction at first, but the grit and determination he finds, mostly through his friends, helps him fight his way back to yet another gig.

I'll admit, just like the story of Anvil, I had no idea about the band Pentagram because, unless they made it into the glossy pages of Hit Parader (when I was reading that mag), I wouldn't know who they were. This rockumentary tells a good story about how they became fan favorites but it also tells how the pioneers often get left behind because a hundred other bands can capitalize on their sound and where do they go from there?

Many parts of the story tell about Bobby and his struggles to kick drugs and get his life together before the band can even rehearse. It's a stark look at how drugs can rob you of your talent. Once Bobby does get clean he becomes a different person all together. I won't spoil the ending so you'll just have to watch what happens but it's one of those stories where you root for the good guy because you know in his heart all he wants to do is be on the stage and entertain the fans.

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