"Revelations" (Self-produced; 2006)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

"Revelations" is an interesting disc, delivering a solid hard rock sound that occasionally swerves into alternative territory. Occasionally a bit of funk creeps into the music as well but, for the most part, it's hard rock, pure and simple. You'll know for sure when the solos sneak in, racing along at a blistering speed and laying the music wide open. 

"Revelations" reminds me a bit of Psychefunkapus (if anyone remembers them) and that's a good thing. Like Psychefunkapus's work, "Revelations" has a fresh, different sound that's neither too lightweight nor too extreme. (Unless you count "Lament to the World," the token ballad, which I could have done without).

The best tracks on the CD, without question, are the title track and "Benediction," both of which are delivered with a solid confidence that isn't completely present on the other tracks. Don't get me wrong: None of the other tracks are bad; they just seem a little ... I don't know ... incomplete. I'm certain that will all change, however, as Phazer grows. This EP is their first release, and some of the first time out jitters are present. But the band's talent, as displayed here, is considerable, and I think that further CDs from the band will only get better.

Phazer: Miranda - vocals; Gil Neto - guitar; Henrique Martins - bass; Alex - drums.

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