"Search and Destroy" (Magdalene Records; 1985)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Philadelphia were a Christian metal band that pre-dated the big stars of the era, Stryper. For those who found Stryper's sound too commercial, too sickly sweet and perhaps too preachy,  Philadelphia's "Search And Destroy" might be more to your liking.

"Search and Destroy" is pure, admittedly 70s-style metal. Despite the fact that this CD was originally released in 1985, its sound is more akin to early Judas Priest, a la 1974's "Rocka Rolla." It's that raw, rough-edged sound from the early days of heavy metal and, like Priest's early work, it still sounds pretty good.

There are several bonus tracks on the CD as well. Two are studio recordings recorded in 1999: "Please My Love," and "Kids In America." The first is a ballad style prayer while the second is heavier and focuses on the gun problem in the U.S. The CD's final three tracks are live tracks, recorded in 1986 at the Cornerstone Festival. These tracks are pretty raw, too, especially having been recorded over sixteen years ago, but they really show the band's strength as a metal band and the comparison to early Priest becomes very obvious. 

According to the CD's inserts, this re-release of "Search and Destroy" is a limited edition with only 1,500 copies manufactured. 

Philadelphia: Brian Clark - bass, vocals; Brian Martini - drums; Phil Scholling - guitar; Ronn Flowers - guitar.

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