"Chaos From Abyss Within" (Self-produced; 2005)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

“Chaos From Abyss Within” is an EP by the Italian metal band Phlegethon Animae. I was barely half-way through this EP and it was easy for me to be convinced that the band has a lot going for them. Phlegethon Animae play an intriguing mix of blackened thrash and melodic death metal with a heavy reliance on progressive metal to keep things interesting.

Phlegethon Animae merge aggression and melody in a variety of ways over the course of seven tracks and 29 minutes. When merging two or more styles it can be a difficult for a new band to strike the right balance in its songs. For Phlegethon Animae this seems to come with a degree of ease that few bands can match so early in their careers. The vocals tend toward a black metal rasp, the guitars employ every possible style to great advantage, and the keyboards stand out in the mix in a very positive way. The band’s songs are diverse and interesting throughout each track as well as within the sequencing.

“Chaos From Abyss Within” is an impressive start – it will be interesting to hear what Phlegethon Animae comes up with next.

“Chaos From Abyss Within” was produced by Phlegethon Animae.

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"Chaos From Abyss Within" (Self-produced; 2005)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Phlegethon Animae's "Chaos From Abyss Within" is a CD by an Italian metal band that defines what metal should be. All the ingredients of a metal CD are here, but Phlegethon Animae utilizes keyboards the way Alan Parsons or Pink Floyd might.

A lot of thought went into this recording, perhaps too much. Sometimes the slow music is way too drawn out and gets in the way of the metal. However, when this band gets cooking, it rocks hard and relentlessly with a definite progressive air. 

The vocals, however, are another story altogether. Perhaps it's only the language (and accent) barrier but I have a very hard time understanding them. 

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