"Twisted Desire" (Perris; 2008)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Brazil's Pleasure Maker is, without question, a glam band. Their songs are melodic, crunchy and radio friendly with lyrics that often run a little racy. Plus, you can't hear even a few moments of each track without thinking of the Sunset Strip.

That's a good thing if you like glam rock in the vein of Poison or Pretty Boy Floyd, and "Twisted Desire" is definitely in the same vein. Unlike too many other glam bands out there, Pleasure Maker keeps "Twisted Desire" from falling into the too slick, too over-produced and, ultimately, too soft category.

Most of the credit here can go to lead guitarist and main composer Alex Meister, who writes songs with a definite kick and whose guitar has a discernable and engaging edge. Lead vocalist C. Marshall also deserves some credit, delivering vocals that are strong and clear and not too wussy or weak.

Glam fans will find a lot to like on "Twisted Desire," and others won't be embarrassed to listen to it when their friends are around, either.

Pleasure Maker: Alex Meister - leader guitar; C. Marshall - lead vocals; Andy Starr - bass; Adriano Morais - drums; Sandro Rossi - keyboards.

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