"Nowhere to Hide" (Now & Then/Frontiers; 2000)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

There is no doubt, even the first time you listen through "Nowhere to Hide," that you are hearing a band of truly talented musicians. The musicianship here is stunning from the first track to the last, making for a truly seamless melodic rock experience. 

With a melodic / progressive sound that ranges from a little like Styx to a little like Journey to a little like lesser-known bands such as Balance of Power, Praying Mantis runs the gamut of melody and metal, from sweeping vocals to crunchy guitars, to ripping leads to highly produced ballads of undeniable beauty.

Those looking for something to bang their head to had probably better look somewhere else. Although "Nowhere to Hide" is a magnificently produced, exquisitely written display of musical talent, it's not the greatest rocker. In fact, sometimes (and I hate to admit this as enamored as I am of the band's skills) it can get just a wee bit dull.

All told, however, melodic fans will probably love every track. "Nowhere to Hide" is a shining example of the melodic genre.

Praying Mantis: Tino Troy - Guitar, Vocals; Chris Troy - Bass, Vocals; Dennis Stratton - Guitar, Vocals; Bruce Bisland - Drums, Vocals; Tony O'Hora - Lead Vocals.

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