"Burning the Process" (Dreamworks; 2001)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

When Pressure 4-5 sent us their early demos to review, I was immediately impressed by the band (see below). Their unique tempos and choruses were a highlight but the band's overall tightness and downright professionalism told me that Pressure 4-5 was due to hit it big.

Now, Pressure 4-5 have signed with Dreamworks Records and released their strong debut album, "Burning the Process." Like Godsmack, Pressure 4-5 vitalize the hard rock/heavy metal genre by keeping a tight grip on the metal roots while infusing enough of their own originality into the mix to give the entire package a fresh, powerful sound.

"Burning the Process" is 11 tracks worth of solid rock sounds that burst with vitality and charisma. The songs are heavy enough without straying into extreme territory and the vocals are clear, strong and unique. Guitars are the most important sound here and they are delivered with style and undeniable power. The band sounded good on their demos; they sound even better here.

Pressure 4-5 rages without going too far. And that may be the secret of their success.

Pressure 4-5 is: Adam Rich, vocals; Mark Barry, guitar; Joe Schmidt, guitar; Lyle McKeany, bass; Tom Schmidt, drums.

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"Burning the Process" (Dreamworks; 2001)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Santa Barbara, CA was the meeting place for Pressure 4-5 to begin their journey. The band is a hard rock group that uses melodic heavy metal and rap-metal to get you in the mood for some great rock'n'roll. The group chose the name Pressure 4-5 because they never knew if there would be four or five band members performing. Each band member plays guitar so you can hear a ton of guitar sounds. Overall, this is an excellent disc.

Pressure 4-5 plays with real aggressiveness! "Burning the Process" gets your attention and quick. Excellent vocals and there are so many styles of guitar, ranging from clean to dirty to some nasty picking too. Pounding drums might bruise your speakers. Each song has a flowing riff and great harmony from Adam Rich. “Beat The World” was their first single and represents the CD well.

“Dehydration” is a song about needing water to survive but, more to the point, is also about faith.

"Burning the Process" keeps coming in full force. Blasting guitar and strong vocals lead each track all the way through. The guitar is fuzzy and thick. Adam sings great. His vocal style is unique but you can sing to it because the guitar doesn't overpower. It's a fine effort from this tight band. I just wish the songs were longer than three minutes. Whether it’s four or five guys playing in this band doesn't matter. Each track is ear candy and now I've got a cavity in my brain!

The best tracks are “These Hands” ... plus all the ones after that.

Pressure 4-5: Adam Rich, vocals; Mark Barry, guitar; Joe Schmidt, guitar; Lyle McKeany, bass; Tom Schmidt, drums.

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"Antechnology" (Self-produced; 1999)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Santa Barbara, CA's Pressure 4-5 is fresh, new school metal with an alternative edge that makes it all sound brand new. "Antechnology," the band's six track CD, is hard to pin down because the band changes each song mid-stream. Which is cool! It gives each song an amazing uniqueness without turning off fans of other types of metal. 

Although the CD sounds great, this music would be incredible live, which explains the band's continuing success in live venues. 

Pressure 4-5: Adam Rich, vox; Mark Barry, guitars; Joe Schmidt, guitars; Lyle McKeans, bass; Jake, drums.

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