"Lion Heart" (Frontiers Music SRL; 2020)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Pride of Lions' "Lion Heart" is rock'n'roll in the genre of bands like Survivor and maybe Foreigner. It's radio-friendly, AOR rock that's crisply and clearly produced. It's lively and vibrant and easy to listen to. And that's what you'd expect from veterans like Jim Peterik and Toby Hitchcock.

What I like most about it, however, is its lyrical content.

Hard rock and heavy metal are typically, and understandably, dark. Most of the music we listen to is about fighting, fucking or partying. I'm okay with that. One of the things I hate most about the so-called Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is that they think rock'n'roll should be important. I don't need my rock'n'roll to preach to me. I need it to take me away from it all.

Now the lyrics on "Lion Heart" aren't pretentious and important, thank God, but they are different than what I'm used to hearing. The title track, for example, is about those who "helping the hopeless" and "clothing the homeless." Say what? When's the last time you heard a rock'n'roll band sing about that? Track two tells a story about how being in a rock band is hard work, not a party every day, but that the band wouldn't do anything different because they love it so much. And track 5, "Sleeping with a Memory," seems to be about a woman whose partner has died and how he would want her to move on. WTF? And that's a good WTF! I'm not one who usually focuses on lyrics—I tend to lean more toward the legendary Lemmy who, when asked what a song meant, would say, "I don't know. But the words sound good together, no?" The lyrics on "Lion Heart," however, caught my attention.

So, if you're looking for something a little different than "rock'n'roll all day and party all night" or "Satan our master in evil mayhem" then Pride of Lions my just be it. (Keep in mind, however, that Pride of Lions is closer to the just intimated KISS than Slayer).

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