"Foundation" (Self-produced)

Reviewed by Jason Savage

New York's Product of You are one of those unsigned diamonds in the rough that should be out on this year's Ozzfest tour with their addictive brand of metal. I have a hard time calling this CD a "demo" because it's just too impressive of a package. The CD, entitled "Foundation," includes seven new songs, five older tracks from their 2002 demo, an acoustic track, a video and an interview. The latter are very professionally done which begs the question: why aren't these guys signed?

The lead track, "Formal Casualty," invokes immediate allegiance with its melodic flowing vibe and emotional cleans spattered with gut wrenching growls. Imagine if Jay Gordon from Orgy tried his hand at metalcore and you'll have the general idea, but even this comparison is pushing it. 

Product of You is the perfect blend of melody and brutality. Let's dub it "Melodicore!" The harmonies on "Surface to Air" are hauntingly beautiful while the screams on "Redefine" are blood-curdling. 

Musically, Product of You blends low end crunch with hardcore punch for a sound that is sure to capture the hearts and minds of today's headbangers. There are several standout tracks including my favorite "Redefine," "Formal Casualty" and "Vessels" just to name a few. I also really liked the acoustic instrumental "Eman." 

Overall, I highly suggest picking this CD up, especially if this style is your thing. 

Product of You: Khaled Elsebai - guitar; Mike Savino - guitar; Rob Pedersen - drums & vocals; Leo Lavoro - vocals; Ron Taylor - bass.

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