"Floating World" (Progrock Records; 2005)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter


Project Creation was a completely unknown entity to me prior to receiving it for review. Simply put: Project Creation is headed by Sonic Pulsar guitarist Hugo Flores. Obviously put: Project Creation serves as Flores’ side-project and as a creative outlet.

“Floating World” is a concept album regarding the beginning of a new life in a floating world to escape the end of a dying planet. “Floating World” is the first part of an intended sci-fi trilogy. “Floating World” features epic-sounding songs that aren’t really epic in length. However, the songs really treat the epic subject matter quite well as the instrumental sections and lyrics support the general concepts of the disc in a cohesive manner.

Given the artwork and images I began to expect keyboard/synthesizer driven progressive rock. Not that I was wrong in my original impression, I was pleased that guitars are more prominent than I might have thought to be the case. But, as I’ve come to find out as a result of a little research, Project Creation is not quite as heavy or guitar oriented as Flores’ main project Sonic Pulsar (a group widely regarded and respected in progressive metal circles). Saxophone and flute provide the kinds of sounds that evoke what genesis would sound like – as if space dust were collecting to form planets. Although the sound here evokes something more like the creation of an actual new planet (i.e. like the big bang), the overall gist of the concept album is pleasing and satisfying.

“Floating World” is an impressive statement in the realm of symphonic progressive metal – having said that it is safe to say that only dedicated fans of the genre will appreciate “Floating World.” A film, based on the concept, story, and music of “Floating World” is expected to be produced at some point.

“Floating World” was produced, recorded, and mixed by Hugo Flores. The sound is stellar – the mix is impeccable. Henning Pauly mastered the disc – “Floating World” is quite the departure for the notoriously playful musician.

Project Creation: Hugo Flores (guitar, sitar, synthesizers). In recording “Floating World” Flores was joined by a cadre of Brazilian progressive rock veterans: Tiago Linx (vocals), Alda Reis (vocals), Allen Vasconcelos (guitar), Carlos Mateus (guitar), Vasco Patricio (guitar), Nuno Silva (bass, cello), Fred Lessing (bass), Carlos Bateras (drums), and Paulo Chagas (saxophone, flute). 

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