"Dead Storm" (Lifeforce; 2008)

Reviewed by Spudbeast


A psyche exam might be apt for the Psyke Project, as their album "Dead Storm" has more personalities than Sybil, with math metal, sludge and hardcore being the most prominent of these personalities.

"Dead Storm" never really passes the low-to-mid-tempo threshold, but the music is played with an intensity that leads you to believe that any moment the song will explode into a speeding fury ... but that never happens. Filled with sludgy break-downs that almost crawl and, at times, seem to halt the musical advance of the album, the CD's title, "Dead Storm," defines the album perfectly; it's intense yet almost lifeless, an interesting and unique approach that can be compared to a slower version of Indian's "Slights and Abuse."

Most of the time, the vocals are good, filled with rage and passion, but sometimes attempts at a cleaner "wail" throw off the anger in the music. Solid guitars play the riffs well, but that's about it. A heavy rhythm sections rolls along the record and really makes this oddity relatively enjoyable for the average fan of hardcore.

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"Apnea" (Lifeforce; 2008)

Reviewed by Mike SOS


Menacing Danish quintet The Psyke Project deconstruct the notions of modern hardcore into shards of blissful post-metal meltdown on "Apnea," this unit's latest 10-track affair.

With influences spanning Converge to Neurosis to Gojira to Refused all rearing their heads at some point across this disc, all bases are covered as this group throws down the debilitating sonic crush audible on the panoramic "Jugganata" or the viscous yet melodically pummeling "I Get Paralyzed."

Chock full of challenging musical movements and complex switches that keep ears on constant alert , this group's hardcore depth is wrought with an abjectly off-kilter fervor, allowing their out-of-the-box tendencies showcased on the multi-layered hypnotic vibe of "Creating Landscapes" to truly shine.

Rest assured, this band stands out amongst the crowded pack thanks to the chilling and hardhearted batterings "Apnea" doles out.

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Self explanatory. Just the sight of the cover makes you wanna hurl.


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