"Disciples of the Sun" (Inner Wound Recordings; 2015)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

I cannot believe that this is the first Pyramaze album to be reviewed here at It's a puzzle to me as to how that happened. I've been listening to, and enjoying, the band's music for years. For whatever reason, getting a review on these pages must have fallen through the cracks. Well, today we rectify that.

"Disciples of the Sun" isn't the band's first album but it's definitely one of their best. Pyramaze plays melodic heavy metal that is so rich, so complex and so absolutely beautiful (thanks to production that is nothing short of stunning) that you'll feel as though you're being transported to another world as you listen.

The musicianship here is off the hook brilliant, with fiery guitar leads, addictive riffs, showering keyboards and percussion that drives it all along. It all gels together in a CD that never lags, delivering a true wall-of-sound experience that is best enjoyed at full volume in a quiet room or with the best pair of headphones you can find.

Pyramaze has undergone a number of personnel changes over the years but, unlike some other bands, they've once again hit a line-up that truly delivers. New vocalist Terje Harvey has an incredible set of pipes and his sound fits that of the band's to a T. 

If you're into melodic metal or progressive rock or whatever you want to call it, then you really must pick up "Disciples of the Sun" and allow yourself to be taken to their world.

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