"Well Oiled" (SPV / Steamhammer; 2004)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Despite the fact they've been around since 1990, I never really paid The Quireboys much attention. When this 2004 CD crossed my desk for review, for some reason I expected something along the lines of 80s hair metal like Britny Fox. Instead, I find a band that sounds like a cross between AC/DC and Cheap Trick ... with Rod Stewart on vocals. Yeah. Weird, huh?

Weird or not, "Well Oiled" isn't a bad album by any means. It's got a bluesy, chunky style (a la AC/DC), smooth melodies (a la Cheap Trick) and it rocks pretty well, if far from a raging rockfest, throughout.

Again, I'm not familiar with the band's earlier material so I can't tell you how "Well Oiled" compares. Suffice to say that it's a better than decent rock album that probably won't appeal to those who like to bang their heads harder but that won't turn off fans of the aforementioned bands.

Well, except Rod Stewart, of course. Although Quireboys lead vocalist Spike sports the gravelly style of Mr. Stewart, there are no standards here, although some tunes, especially the ones like "Sweet as the Rain," do bring to mind the era of "Hot Legs."

The Quireboys: Spike - vocals; Guy Griffin - guitar; Nigel Mogg - bass; Keith Weir - keyboards; Paul Guerin - guitar, slide guitar; Pip - drums.

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