"Vengeance" (Self-produced; 2009)

Reviewed by Metal Mark

I was torn on this album even after having listened to it several times. New Jersey's Redliner ride the line between hard rock and metal drawing on parts of both styles. I hear some Saxon, Motley Crue and others. There were songs that sounded like they could have been done around 1984 and then there were times where they fused in some modern rock sounds as well.

This band's best trait was the driving guitars and strong rhythms that helped keep their songs going. The major drawback to this disc is that it sounds underdone at times. I think this is due to both the playing and the production. The drums are solid enough, but at times they are robbed off their luster as they come across with tin-sound and what's worse they even sound like they are far off at times, too. The vocals are good for the most part, but not always under control. This sounds more like a lack of comfort with the material than a talent issue. Almost half of the songs are tight, but too many times they ramble and come across as being a little clunky.

Redliner have some potential for sure and some times they unlock it for all to hear. However, at other times, they come across sounding like a rather average bar band. So my final feelings are that they have some promise, but they have a lot of work to do to really bring all the ingredients together.

Redliner: Dan Chrzan - Guitars, Vocals; Jim Santora - Vocals, Effects; Don Valentino - Drums, Vocals; Steve Tortu - Bass, Vocals.

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