"Avarice and Absolution" (EVO Recordings; 2005)

Reviewed by Ray Van Horn Jr.

Living just north of Virginia, I can tell you that not only is the Maryland metal scene on the verge of busting loose, but Virginia has already done so just by merely giving us Lamb of God. Waving their hooks in your face is Virginia Beach's Revery, a band hellbent on restoring melodic metal to its fullest propensity, now that hard music has strayed into different territories away from straightforward rock sensibilities. Revery punches and drives in the vein of Shinedown, Nickelback, Seether, Flashpoint and on occasion Puddle of Mudd. 

Whether it's the fist-pumping "Sugar Star," "In the Way She," "The Truth," or the way they grab some of the alluring formulas coating Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver and The Cult on their blatant single "Popstar Wedding," Revery is all about the catch, the melody, the hook. Their music rides shotgun and occasionally behind the wheel. You will find nothing new or groundbreaking here, which seems to be Revery's goal, in all honesty. They'd rather win you over with commercial groove and melody in Motley Crue fashion; "Bleed Alone" and "Walk the World" are rather telling songs in this aspect. The Sevendust-like "August" or the laidback sudsy sprawl of "Penelope" and "Secondhand Redemption" will also find themselves nestled into your rocking microcosm if you like your heavy metal simplistic not overcomplicated.

In short, Revery is meat and potatoes, Yuengling and Jack Daniels, football and sweaty sex. Like Bullistic and Soulbent, Revery is a young group of rockers that parties behind their rudimentary rock in eighties fashion, but with less starkness. If you're tapping your foot while daydreaming of being off-the-clock in midday while toasting someone you really dig with a shot glass, that probably suits Revery just fine.

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