"Places for Breathing" (Epic; 2003)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Rarely a CD comes along that hooks me and doesn’t let go. Revis's "Places for Breathing" was a referral by a friend and I’ve told enough people about this band to comfortably dip my hand into the petty cash box for compensation. Revis arrives on the post-grunge train and for my taste they nail it just right when it comes to a new sound.

Don Gilmore, who helped market Pearl Jam’s style, does so with Revis and Don makes Justin Holman’s powerful vocal ability the focus of this band of five. The guitar is powerful as well; it’s got hooks, short little solos and enough riffs to keep my symmetrical listening pods wanting more.

The drums pound away and this band is tight when it comes to song structure. They have a little Pearl Jam, Creed and Live sound to them, but Revis has refined that sound and push harder and probably border on sounding like Fuel because of the guitar. The vocals have enough muscle to make you want to sing along. Overall, this band is due for another crash onto the music scene. I’m calling Revis out!

The best cuts are “Spin,” “Seven,” “Re Use,” “City Beneath,” and “Everything After.”

Revis: Justin Holman – vocals; Robert Davis – guitar; Nathaniel Cox – guitar; Bob Theimann – bass; David Piribauer – drums.

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