"Some Ghouls" (Self-produced)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Here's a rock'n'roll hypothetical for ya: What if Mick Jagger had written songs for The Ramones and the Dead Boys? The answer - they'd probably sound a little something like Rock City Morgue.

The title of this 6-track EP, "Some Ghouls," seems to indicate that the band is at least somewhat aware of their raw, Rolling Stones rock sound. A raucous cover of the Stones' "Shattered" is still further proof. But the Stones aren't punk rock and Rock City Morgue ... well, comes close. With Ramones producer Daniel Rey behind the buttons, "Some Ghouls" has a classic, rough-edged, "rawk" sound to it. Unlike the Ramones, however, Rock City Morgue doesn't seem to shy away from blistering guitar solos which are abundant here.

Despite the CD cover image and coffin-shaped guitars, however, Rock City Morgue aren't the carbon copies of the Misfits you might expect them to be. And they're not the White Zombie emulators you might expect from the presence of former Zombie-er Sean Yseult. Instead, the songs are spunky numbers with steady rhythms and an irresistible punky bounce.

I look forward to hearing more from Rock City Morgue.

Rock City Morgue: Rik Slave - vocals; Rhoades D'Ablo - guitar; Johnny Hotwheels - guitar; Sean Yseult - bass; Brueggen - drums.

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