"Mucho Gusto" (Tee Pee Records; 2021)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Roger That!'s "Mucho Gusto" is so damn weird I loved every minute of it. The first and title track, "Mucho Gusto" sounds like it could have come from a very early Thin Lizzy album. It's got that offbeat classic rock sound and vocalist Paul Bernstein even sounds a little like Phil Lynott. The tracks that follow still have a hint of that sound, complete with straight yet edgy guitars and rhythms, but sometimes they throw in a high-pitched vocal, a la The Darkness's Justin Hawkins, just to keep things interesting.

These NYC rockers walk the tightrope between classic rock, new wave and punk with a sound that's so genuine and so effortlessly energetic that the music gets right into your head. It's some of the freshest rock'n'roll I've heard in a long time. It feels real, if you know what I mean, but it manages to be fun at the same time. We don't hear enough of that these days.

 My favorite tracks are the title track, The Knack-like "Disco Walk Up" and the irresistible "Sweet Ass Time" (complete with its cowbell intro) but every track on the album is sharp and dynamic.

"Mucho Gusto" is easily one of the most entertaining albums I've heard in this young year.

Roger That!: Paul Bernstein - vocals, harmonica, percussion; Ken Sehgal - guitar, backing vocals; Dirty Steve Austin - bass, backing vocals; Jeremy O’Brien - drums, percussion.

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