"Lost" (Slip Trick Records; 2019)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Anyone who thinks grunge is dead need look no further than Roof Down's "Lost." The ten tracks on this CD sound as though the Seattle grunge sound never stopped (even though Roof Down is from Sweden). It's got Eddie Vedder-style vocals, thick guitars, and mid-paced tunes that will instantly bring to mind legendary grunge bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Nirvana.

I know I lost of few of you with the mention of the term "grunge" used above. Many consider the grunge movement to be the death blow to the heavy metal of that era. But if you've ever enjoyed any form of grunge music, I'd encourage you to give Roof Down a shot. It's a solid and entertaining album from beginning to end and, unlike some of the other grunge acts out there, "Lost" has a nice variety to it as well. Too many grunge albums find a sound and stay with it throughout an album. Roof Down does that to a certain degree, but each song sounds fresh and different from the last, and each will catch and hold your attention. I will admit, however, that there are a couple tracks on this CD that sound a little too familiar, sticking too close to the formula and giving you the impression you've heard this song before.

My favorite tracks were the first track and first single, "Lying," which sets the paced nicely for what's to come and "Not For Sale" with its odd but irresistible riff and faster pace. The album ends nicely with "Thank You (For Life)," a slower, almost ballad-ish tune which make excellent use of vocalist Johan Sjöberg's talent.

In a world where "grunge" can be a dirty word, Roof Down with their "Lost" CD prove it doesn't always have to be.

Roof Down: Johan Sjöberg - vocals; Mats Stille - lead guitar; Thobbe Hermansen - bass; Staffan Westelius - drums.

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