"Rumors of Gehenna" EP (Self-released; 2006)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Like all sub-genres of metal, metalcore has some of its best artists and some of its worst. Although it's difficult to make such a definitive decision with only a three track EP, I'd say that Rumors of Gehenna have what it takes to be one of the genre's best.

While this self-titled CD's three tracks run just under 17 minutes, there is some stunning music here. The band rips hungrily into each song, overlaying razor-sharp leads on top throbbing, powerful riffs. The vocals are rough without being too extreme (in other words, you can understand what the vocalist's English, despite the fact this band is from Italy). The songs are a little uneven at times but that's the kind of thing that's quickly improved with further experience.

Again, it's hard to tell much of anything with only three tracks, but I really like what I hear on this self-titled EP and I look forward to seeing what Rumors of Gehenna can do with a full-length CD.

Rumors of Gehenna: Mirko Sgobba - Lead & Rhythm Guitar; Antonio Merici - bass; Davide Scarano - Vocals; Federico Re - Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals; Lucio Maurigh - Drums.

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