"Dig!" (Re-Flexx; 1992)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Jeff Scheetz is a Christian instrumental guitar player ... youre probably wondering what that is. Well, Jeff is more humble than arrogant about his playing. He considers his talent a gift from God and he uses it to tell others about Christ. He is a Kansas boy and Ive even seen him duel Steve Vai and when he got a head nod from Vai it made a lot of people take notice.

Jeff plays with tons of emotion and fire. He can shred like Jason Becker and pick acoustics as well. He has a wide range of styles and usually tries to put them all on one disc so you dont feel cheated. He has a lot of funk and blues tendencies but he also rocks out every chance he gets. He is part of the Guitar 9 records family.

Jeff was featured on an underground guitarist CD with axe-slingers like Joe Stump and Rob Johnson and that got him a record deal. He has had several projects both with a full band and then on his own. Each release, whether its structured playing or letting the tape roll while he vibratos his way through an instrumental, is always a top shelf effort.

Jeff would certainly be listed on a Whos That? list of instrumental guitar players unless you caught him in a Kansas club but  Ill be his champion and tell you about his talent. Check him out and see if you like his style. Hopefully you'll tell someone and they'll tell someone and so on and so on...

The band: Jeff Scheetz guitar; Eddie Pruitt bass; Rick Morrow drums.

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