"The Place You're In" (Reprise; 2004)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

"The Place You're In" is chock full of Kenny Wayne Shepherd's awesome guitar work, although it seems he has moved here from his blues-rock genre to more of a hard rock offering. It suits his style, because the guy can flat play a guitar despite the fact he's never taken a lesson and started at an age where most kids would rather master Nintendo. Shepherd, of course, has played with the likes of Robert Cray and Stevie Ray Vaughn just to name a couple of familiars.

Producers Marti Frederiksen and Andy Wallace give "The Place You're In" a more muscular feel than previous Shepherd releases. The blues are still here, but the rock ratio is about 70/30. The change is a welcome one to those who know Shepherd continues to grow as an artist in his own right. 

Shepherd opens "The Place You're In" with "Alive," his vocal debut. Previously, Noah Hunt handled the vocals. In the past, a guitar player has stepped up to the mike and lost a few fans but Shepherd has a great voice and he knows better than to try anything that would make him uncomfortable. Yeah, the lyrics are thin in some places but, for his singing debut, Shepherd comes across with enough confidence to sell it.

Throughout, the guitar is blistering and bluesy. If you've never seen Shepherd live, make sure you do if he every comes to your home town. You will not regret it. He will inspire you, whether it be to play guitar or to improve whatever it is you do. 

Special guest include Kid Rock, who appears on "Spank," and Noah Hunt, who appears on "Believe" and "Burdens."

The best songs to try and play air guitar along to are "Alive," "Be Mine," and "The Place You're In."

Performing on "The Place You're In" are: Kenny Wayne Shepherd - vocals, guitar; Marti Frederiksen - bass, piano; Brian Tichy - drums.

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