"Still Ignorant (1987-1997) Live" (Metal Blade; 1997)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Unfortunately, I discovered Sacred Reich late in their career, about the time that "Independent" was released in 1995. Luckily, I was able to catch the band live once back when "Heal" was released and, man, was I ever impressed.

Sacred Reich play music in the Motorhead mode: Fast, furious, hard as hell and with a fiery, undeniable charisma. What makes "Still Ignorant" so special is that it captures many of the band's most popular tunes and it captures them in a live performance. Sadly, you can't catch Sacred Reich live these days; the band has long since split. But this CD will give you an idea of what they could do - and it'll serve as proper head-banging material for years to come.

The classic Reich songs are all here and they sound great. "American Way" starts off the CD, while my personal favorite, "Independent," checks in at track #4. "Heal," Death Squad," and "Who's to Blame" also make appearances while the song the band is perhaps best known for, "Surf Nicaragua," closes the 13-track CD (amidst a club-owner telling his departing audience, "Two more minutes to drink alcohol! Two more minutes to drink alcohol!"). There's even a live cover of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" hereon (the band recorded it originally for their "Surf Nicaragua" EP).

Sacred Reich never strayed away from controversy, and there's political and other types of commentary here aplenty. But I won't hold that against them.

If you're not familiar with Sacred Reich, pick up "Still Ignorant" and give it a lesson. My bet is that - once you hear what this band had to offer - you'll be searching for their other releases soon as well.

Sacred Reich: Phil Rand - bass/vocals; Wiley Arnett - lead guitar; Jason Rainey - rhythm guitar; Greg Hall - drums.

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