"In Vain" (Self-released)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Sage's "In Vain" is an example of that rare band that does music their way and leaves all conventions behind them. At times sounding like 80s metal, at others like modern progressive metal and still at others sounding like international rock'n'roll, 'In Vain" keeps the listener guessing while never alienating them by going too far one way or the other.

The CD begins with a fairly straight-forward rocker, "Manifest Destiny," and follows with the Middle-Eastern tinged "Graves." The Megadeth-like "Backbone" comes up next with "Out of Body" and its slower, chunkier guitars following. The CD climaxes with the rapid fire instrumentals and haunting vocals of its edgy title track. 

For the first two lines of the CD, during "Manifest Destiny," you might wonder if this isn't just another female-fronted garage band. Thirty seconds later, however, you realize that Sage has created a world of their own with "In Vain" and you won't be able to imagine their music in any other configuration.

If there's any downside here, it's that the band could use a really good producer. With the right tweaking and twisting of knobs, Sage could take the songs found on "In Vain" and turn them into something not only fresh and new but hugely popular as well.

Sage: Mike - guitars; Rob - bass; Tracey - vocals; Eric - drums.

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