"Dislocate" (Self-produced; 2002)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Saifa (pronounced 'sigh-fa') are a hard rock band from Boston. It goes without saying that the Boston music scene is fertile ground for musical talent. Saifa may soon be poised to be another breakout band from the area.

"Dislocated" contains six original songs and an extended version of the title track. Saifa blend the quality musicianship the Boston scene has become known for while adding their own twists. It seems that nearly every new band these days is more or less trying to cash in on the nu-metal sound - thankfully, Saifa leave unadulterated aggression of nu-metal in the background; for the most part Saifa temper their emotions with care and thought. Saifa appear to approach their music and lyrics with a studied exploration of the subject matter rather than a simple outpouring of emotion Ė however, Saifa's music remains just as cathartic as many other bands who scream and shout their way through their material. 

Saifa's blend of progressive influences has been woven into their taut hard rock sound which adds to their originality. While the basic riffs are instantly reminiscent of the typical hard rock sound, Saifa use skillful arrangements and creativity to make the songs breathe. Saifa's fresh approach is sorely needed in American music regardless of genre.

"Free Form" is one of the heaviest tracks contained on "Dislocate" and only slightly echoes recent Boston import Godsmack along with classic metal riffing a la Judas Priest. "Clones" is a mechanized number that makes me realize what Event would sound like if they just rocked a little harder. An instrumental, "Dr. Who," shows another creative facet of the band. The title track comes closest to nu-metal's immediacy, but Saifa donít let this track collapse under its own weight; the extended version makes it seem all the more complete. Personally, I think the first track, "Myles" has the most potential as the band's calling card to radio and fans alike.

I hear a lot of potential in Saifa's blend of hard rock, emotional undercurrents, and inventive approach. "Dislocate" is a very good introduction from a new band - I think we'll all be hearing more from Saifa in the near future.

"Dislocate" was produced by Saifa and John Ellis. For an independent release the production is quite good and shows that the band knows how to get a sparse sound.

Saifa: Scott Friends on vocals, Tony Aiello on guitars, Bob Oakes on bass, and Ed St. George on drums.

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