"Blood Stained Love Story" (Island; 2007)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Saliva was one of those bands that I had heard about, but never really had the chance to sit down and listen to an entire release. Well, I finally got my chance with "Blood Stained Love Story."

The music is very tight and controlled rock'n'roll with a bit of rap thrown in just to make it interesting. The range of emotions that the band emits is a wonder and a credit to the band, delivering a spirited form of hard music. One of the things I liked most about this CD is that Saliva utilizes harsh and heavy vocals; however, unlike some bands out there today, you can understand every word. 

Saliva is one very talented band and "Blood Stained Love Story" is one great release. Saliva has all the aspects of a high quality rock'n'roll band: awesome vocals, killer songwriting and the ability to make great music together.

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"Survival of the Sickest" (Island; 2004)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Saliva’s rap-metal style combines street-smart lyrics and hard rock on their fourth release, entitled, “Survival Of The Sickest”. Josey Scott has a clenched jaw when singing about the ills of being a rock star on “Rock & Roll Revolution” and then sings about the spoils of his talents on “Bait & Switch.” He seems to be stuck between a “rap” and a hard place.

The music overall is tight, the guitar has a Nickelback punch, the drums crush and Scott’s vocals range from rap to straight forward grunt metal. The lyrics are a spiritual roller-coaster. Josey seems to be torn between the life he lives (which he makes no apologies for) and the life he wanted to have. When he isn’t focusing on himself he points out the problems of the world on “Two Steps Back” by kicking at the Dixie Chicks and political issues.

The guitar, when it’s blasting, is awesome. There are solos, fillers and on “No Regrets (Vol. 2)”, the solo is very soulful. Swimmy is not stingy with his talent either, he keeps a constant sound flowing out his guitar. I can even hear some Billy Duffy (Cult) on a few tracks. Chris D’Abaldo’s (aka Sicky D) departure allowed Jonathan Montoya to play on the newest album “Blood Stained Love Story.”

I liked Saliva’s sophomore release and maybe the horse is getting tired after running the track a few times, but this release gets the modest two and a half guitarsaws because it doesn’t cause a stir like Saliva CDs used to. This disc makes them sound a little clichéd about their own self induced problems.

Salvia: Josey Scott – vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion; Wayne Swinny – lead guitars, rhythm guitars, BGVs; Chris D – rhythm guitars, BGVs; Dave Novotny – bass, BGVs; Paul Crosby – drums.

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"Back Into Your System" (Island; 2002)

Reviewed by Alicia Downs

"Back Into Your System" marks Saliva's follow-up album to their successful debut "Every Six Seconds." "Back Into Your System" boasts production credits to Motley Crue rocker Nikki Sixx, who also contributed a song. The title, "Back Into Your System," marks the coy reference of not only the band's return to your CD player, but also the infectious rock blends being churned out - when they stick to "rock."

The first single to hit radio is the album's third track "Always." Upon first hearing it, I was shocked that this was Saliva. The track exemplifies a heavy-handed rock sound without the bells and whistles of trying to be something you are not. When vocalist Josey Scott sings, he can sing, so he should do it more often. On "Back Into Your System," for the most, part he does and on the majority of the tracks (like "Weight of the World") the genuine rock vocals produce a sturdier album.

But all is not well in Saliva-land. Take, for instance, "All Because of You," which is an otherwise solid rock effort with the exception of its conclusion which consists of a blunt rap tangent. Not only does this seem out of place, it also seems unnaturally "has been." The only accomplishment at the end of "All Because of You" is that it works as a lead into the far worse track "Raise Up."

Nikki Sixx marks his influence in "Rest In Pieces" with his intervention and credit as music and lyric composer as well as producer. The track is a heavy-handed ballad about relationship depression, but works just the same. 

"Back Into Your System" falls into that middle of the road category. When things are clicking the album shines. Then there are the moments where it feels like Saliva is playing heavy metal or rap/rock dress-up in shoes far too big and gaudy for them to fill. Like far too many albums of today, it feels like you are getting half of the effort and only half of a truly rockin' album.

Saliva is: Josey Scott (vocals), Wayne Swinny (Acoustic Guitar and Percussion), Paul Crosby (drums), Chris D. (Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals), and Dave Novotny (bass and backing vocals).

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"Every Six Seconds" (Island / Def Jam; 2001)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Saliva's major label debut, "Every Six Seconds," has something that I haven't heard in a long time: it has songs with hooks - in fact, they're huge hooks. These are the kind of hooks that are sure to grab the attention of radio programmers and all kinds of music fans.

Saliva's brand of hard rock with pop sensibilities and a modern edge provides the band a great platform to launch their very distinct songs. Saliva craft memorable riffs, marry rhythm and restraint in the verses (no mean feat), and create catchy choruses that will have you singing along in no time. Hard rock, rap-metal, and pop styles combine to form strong songs that are infectious as they are rockin'.

The first single, "Your Disease," is a catchy number that has rap-tinged verses with a great catchy chorus hook that wouldn't be out of place on a Def Leppard CD. Even when Saliva delve into rap-metal territory with "Doperide" they pull it off with originality and melody. "Lackluster" has a great vocal melody that could have easily been sung by Jason Bieler.

A sign of a good band is a broad range of emotions that are expressed on any given CD. Saliva covers a lot of emotional ground on the twelve various tracks. "After Me" explores paranoia, "Lackluster" examines regret, "Hollywood" provides a unflinching glimpse of the unforgiving music industry and "My Goodbyes" plunge deep into apocalyptic spiral of a fragile mind.

The single "Your Disease" is also featured on the Dracula 2000 soundtrack - that's great exposure for a band set to create some waves in the modern hard rock world.

If you are a fan of Saigon Kick, Our Lady Peace, The Nixons, or Tonic give Saliva a try.

"Every Six Seconds" was produced by Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath).

Saliva is Josey Scott on lead vocals, Chris Dabaldo and Wayne Swinny on guitar, Dave Novotny on bass, and Paul Crosby on drums. 

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"Every Six Seconds" (Island / Def Jam; 2001)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Memphis, TN has seen its share of musical talent. Some never make it big while others, like Saliva, seem to have that something extra that sets them apart. 

"Every Six Seconds" is metal with rap and alternative mixed in. Add to that combo excellent vocals and plenty of guitar hooks and you'll all but forget about genres. Saliva blend it all together very well to make fresh music. 

It’s rap and heavy music. Call if "revy." By the way, the title of the CD is taken from the theory that "life cycles seem to happen every six seconds."

“Click Click Boom” is a great blend of rap, rock and killer lyrics. A little dis to those who complain about how bad they had it. If you have a record deal now, it can't be that bad, can it?

“Your Disease” was the first single of many to come. The thing about Saliva is that their lead singer really can sing. Josey Scott has great range and makes each chorus sing-a-long-able.

The best tracks are “Superstar,” “Click Click Boom,” “Greater Than/Less Than” and “Doperide.”

Saliva: Josey Scott on lead vocals, Chris Dabaldo and Wayne Swinny on guitar, Dave Novotny on bass, and Paul Crosby on drums.

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