"Ready to Rock" (Self-produced demo; 2007)

Reviewed by Metal Mark

This glam band from Milan, Italy formed back in the fall of 2005. Their five song EP is of fairly good sound quality and the music is certainly promising as well. 

Scarlet Violet are more guitar heavy than a number of bands playing this style and that certainly works to their advantage. I was also impressed by the guitar solos which were far above the norm as a number of glam guitarists tend to struggle in this department. Not only did the solos sound very energized, but there was also a good sense of rhythm to most of them. 

The vocals have a deeper sound that reminded me a little of, say, 80s Alice Cooper and Diamond Rexx vocalist Nasti Habits. Musically, the band sounds like a real mixture of numerous 80s bands, but they also sound like somewhat current Swedish glam revivalists Crash Diet and Loud ní Nasty. 

Scarlet Violet have a certain amount of grittiness to their sound and that certainly appeals to me. The only problem I had was that a song or two tended to overstay its welcome and probably could benefitted from ending thirty seconds sooner; that would have made those tracks a little tighter. 

Thatís a minor complaint though as, overall, this demo certainly showed the bandís ability.

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