"The Inner War EP" (Self-released 2008)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Screamingangel is a two piece band featuring Jonathan on vocals, guitar and piano and Shawn Tremblay on bass. There are four tracks on this EP.

The first track, "Life," doesn't exactly bode well for the band. The production and mix are very, very rough and the vocals sabotage the rest with a dull and uninteresting delivery. Thankfully, things improve considerably with "Beat the Boy," track two, which steps things up a bit in tempo, vocal style and even in the production department. "Beat the Boy" shows you what this band is capable of and it is indeed promising. Tracks 3 and 4, "Inner Voice" and "Bruises" respectively, are kind of a combo of the first two tracks with low-level production and vocals that sometimes do and sometimes don't work.

Not a bad effort overall but the band needs a little more work in developing their vocals ... but not too much. As off as the vocals sometimes seemed, they did fit the style of music rather well. They felt a little like they were raw metal vocals with punk rock attitude and the raw, demo-level production sound, gave them an added level of roughness.

The bottom line here, however, is that -- despite the CD's shortcomings -- "The Inner War" manages to showcase this band's talents as well which is really the purpose of an EP anyway. Definitely a band worth watching.

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