"Burn the World" (Xact Records; 2005)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Screams Of Erida's "Burn The World" EP contains six songs and is ample proof of the band's talent and skills. "Burn The World" showcases six individuals (featuring a three-guitarist threat) who have learned their lessons well from the likes of Unearth and other metalcore giants.

Scream Of Erida's three guitar line-up allows for some intricate guitar work amongst the genre's standard brutal heaviness. "Burn The World" sounds like Screams Of Erida is yet another talented band in the long-line of better-than-average bands hailing from Massachusetts, but it the evidence is in the music. The music draws heavily from the metalcore blueprint, but evidence of melodicism often unused in the genre diverts "Burn The World" into unique sonic territory. As such, Screams Of Erida pull equally from heavy metal's melodic idioms and metalcore's staggering wallop into a satisfying whole.

I don't often get a chance to say that a band delivers a suffocating sound yet allows the listener to somehow breathe in many musical layers. "Burn The World" is such an effort.

The "Burn The World" EP is a great start for a new band. Screams Of Erida are recording a full-length debut album in January 2006.

"Burn The World" was produced and engineered by Ken Susi (Unearth). If Unearth fails to sustain itself as a musical entity (and I think the band will succeed) Ken Susi has a bright future as a producer/engineer.

Screams Of Erida: Lee Liddle on vocals, Greg Middleton on guitar, Jason Middleton on guitar, Stephanie Curran on bass, Peter Gagnon on drums, and Ryan McTaggart on guitar.

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