"Lament for the Weary" (Star Song; 1991)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

If you like old school metal, then "Lament for the Weary" is worth soaking your soul in. I say that because Seventh Angel is a progressive Christian thrash metal band, with elements of Metallica and some nasty thrash. This headbanging offering will pull flesh from bone. 

Hailing from across the pond in England, Seventh Angel only released two albums, this one and “The Torment” (although a later release of demos and live performances, entitled “Heed The Warning,” was offered in 2005). The guitar solos on “Lament For The Weary” scream and the lyrics vow to take you down a road of self discovery versus self despair.

Now this is not some preachy group you have to follow along reading the lyrics to but, if you want the full effect, you might want to anyway. "Lament for the Weary" is a concept album. Most of the vocals are understandable so a cookie monster dictionary is not required. And I don’t want to steer anyone away because of the message; most people who have listened to this recording, and who don’t know the band's roots, would just think the music is great. 

From the start of the first track (entitled “Recollections of a Life Once Lived”), Seventh Angel bring all that thrash encompasses and lay down the growl of monster guitars, twin axes in some areas, and drums that rumble heavy enough to peel paint from the neighbor's house. With a total running time of 55-minutes, it’s not for a quick listen while practicing your heavy metal scowl. I recommend taking some time to enjoy the talent these guys have.

While each track combines metal guitar and poignant vocals, Seventh Angel never stray from the elements of thrash. You will forget about what they are saying and focus more on the music. There are a few serene music interludes with acoustic guitar and rain sounds but they are just part of the story and only a brief chapter in the big picture.

Seventh Angel: Ian Arkley - Lead and Acoustic Guitars & Vocals; Scott Rawson - Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars; Tank - Drums; Simon Jones - Bass Guitar

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