"Dominion and Power" (Retroactive; 2008)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

The Seventh Power is made up of vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Bill Menchen (Final Axe), bassist Rod Reasner and drummer Robert Sweet (Stryper). So, much like the debut from this Christina metal outfit, we get plenty of mid-tempo, moderately heavy metal along the lines of late 80s-early 90s Ozzy. 

As on their debut, Seventh Power doesn't take a whole lot of chances, however the guitars of Menchen are a good bit heavier on the new album as he reaches down and cranks out more than a few gems. The rhythm section is severely solid and the production has them exactly where they should be to complement the guitar. Still, they don't take as many chances as I was hoping for. Although there is a little more musical variation on this disc and that is much appreciated, I very much believe that they could mix it up and vary the pace more if they wanted to and that would help even more. 

Overall, the music made enough of an impression, but I had some definite issues. Menchen's vocals sounds like Ozzy's ... if Ozzy was singing into a cup. Now, this is due to the effects that are put on the vocals and that would be fine for a song or two, but it seems to be the standard here. To me, this dampens the overall sound and that's a shame because the music is fairly heavy and could use some vocals that better complemented that approach. The vocals were largely the same on the first album so either I question the motives of this approach or I am led to think they chose it because Menchen's voice wasn't strong enough without the effects. I have no idea which of those is correct, if either, but I do know that the vocals could have been better. 

Nonetheless, I will return to this one again just because of the music.

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"Seventh Power" (Retroactive; 2006)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

This disc was originally issued in 2006, but was re-released in 2008. Seventh Power is fronted by Bill Menchen, who is also in Titanic and Final Axe, and handling the drums here is Robert Sweet of Stryper. 

"Seventh Power," the album, seems to be hugely influenced by Ozzy's solo material, perhaps around "The Ultimate Sin" and "No Rest for the Wicked" eras. A lot of the basic riffs and the vocal style remind me of those albums. 

The band wastes little time in establishing a solid, classic metal approach as they push ahead. There is nothing complicated going on here; however, it is easy to get into with the strong guitar tone, solid drumming and smooth vocals. 

Yes, this CD seems more like something that could have been done around 1989 instead of in this decade, but that's okay by me. My only real reservation about this album was the lack of variation within each individual track. They easily establish the mood and almost every track moves along well enough yet I couldn't help but feel like they needed some more tempo changes or something within the songs. I think they aimed for their songs to be steady and they are, but with the talent involved here I think they could have pushed for just a little more. 

Sure "Seventh Power" is a solid release but a little more effort and even taking some risks could have elevated this one to even another level. 

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