"A Chorus of Obliteration" (Mono Vs. Stereo; 2004)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

I don’t mind getting older, and I love getting music for my birthday (that always takes a couple of years off me while I’m looking at my icing covered inferno). My brother-in-law, Tyson, knows that I like my music heavier than gravity and as solid as set concrete. Well, when I saw this disc by The Showdown entitled “A Chorus Of Obliteration,” I didn’t have to hope that just a “cool” titled donned the disc. I plugged it in, unheard, and strapped myself down to minimize potential damage.

The Showdown has enough energy in their music to self power a 747 Jet, and sometimes you will think a jet is taking off in your ears. Usually you can tell what a band sounds like by reading the “thank yous” contained in their liner notes. Well, apparently, The Showdown forgot to mention Stryper, Dragonforce, and the God of Thunder. These guys have created one vicious metal beast to contend with any band of the same genre.

The guitar is fast and melodic, slow and burning, and progressively reaching. The drums gallop along and the bass thumps like the guy has battery cables attached to it. Knowing that my brother-in-law likes Christian metal caused me to listen with an attentive ear because that sound has been ever changing. The vocals do take a little getting used to. The Showdown has a good singer, and part of the title (“A Chorus ...”) Is fitting because sometimes the vocals sound like a metal vocalist is adding his part. The other part is the growling and screaming type of vocal. It’s not so overdone that you get tired of hearing the man scream his throat filled blasts because there is an even balance between each.

Each song starts with a harmonious guitar riff and often changes right before the bridge to a completely different tempo. It may go in four different directions but the grooves all lead back to the original, heart-pumping music. I think my paperboy listens to this disc because he can throw my entire street in under a minute! Sometimes there is more guitar than vocals, which is good for any student with fret board fever. 

The lyrics are as interesting as the music itself. There is a Christian theme, but it’s written into the song and not wrapped around it. Plus, anyone listening would really have to know what the song was about before they even had a hint of religious vapor ... which begs the question: Who is The Showdown trying to reach?

The Showdown: Josh Childers – lead and rhythm guitars, vocals; Travis Bailey – lead and rhythm guitars, piano; David Bunton – vocals; Eric Koruschak – bass; Andrew Hall – drums, percussion.

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A classic. This record will kick your ass.

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Self explanatory. Just the sight of the cover makes you wanna hurl.


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