"Audio Alchemy" (Self-produced)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Listening to "Audio Alchemy" by The Silence, you have to wonder why this band isn't already signed to our friends over at Victory Records. Then again, since the band won a Battle of the Bands that led them to a slot on the Warped Tour, maybe it won't be long until Victory, or some other like label, gets these guys to sign on the dotted line.

The Silence aren't as commercial as bands like Good Charlotte but aren't as hard-edged as bands like Rancid, either. Their sound is an winning combination that sounds a little like AFI combined with, say, the Reunion Show. It's lighter modern punk that only occasionally journeys into spongerock territory but never long enough to spoil an entire song. In fact, the best songs on the CD are the ones that focus on the "screamers" (i.e., "End of January"). That's when the band really shines and I guarantee you these songs are awesome live.

The band's songwriting skill also separates them from other bands. The songs on "Audio Alchemy" are generally accessible without ever being too radio friendly.

"Audio Alchemy" identifies The Silence as a perfect band to join the Warped Tour. They're energetic, entertaining and just edgy enough not to turn away fans of ultra commercial punk (i.e., Fenix, TX) or those who like it a little rougher (i.e., Pennywise).

By the way, the production on this CD is flawless; you'd never know this was a self-produced CD. Kudos to producer/mixer Dion Beuckman, The Silence and Jeff Forrest (who recorded drums).

The Silence: Steve - vocals, screamer #1; Ryan - guitar, vocals; El Ricker - bass; Stephen - guitar, screamer #2; Adrian - drums. 

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